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Patch Notes - May 13th 2014

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 05/13/2014.



- Treasure chests in the 4 Underground Dungeons automatically respawned after a certain period of time (while waiting in the treasure chest room).This has been fixed.


- Easter Event eggs can no longer be used to buff monsters or NPCs.


- The Ullr scrolls for the Arena pets no longer have a cool down. Before you could only use one scroll per hour now you can use as many as you want.




- Translation updates have been implemented.



- +100% EXP and DROP event started.

- Golden Weeks Event started (05/13/2014-5/31/2014).

- End of Easter Event.



- Hack case reimbursements have been issued.

Players who lost control over their account (by being a victim of phishing activities, key loggers, etc.) and recently flagged this to our customer service team will get reimbursed for their lost items. This automated reimbursement process is introduced with today's maintenance and can only be executed for accounts that recently got reported as "hacked" to our customer support team.  


PLEASE NOTE: If your account was not amongst the accounts being reimbursed and the investigation on your account has been confirmed as completed, please wait until the next reimbursements are issued before contacting our customer service team again.

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