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Patch Notes - March 25th 2014

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 03/25/2014.




- Project 150 has been applied. 

- A Looting pet was added as a reward for "You're Really Fired! quest.


 The following skill changes have been applied:


Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon 

• " Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon " passive random skill will have similar values as skills increasing physical attack power by 10% and attack speed by 80%.

• " Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon": physical attack power 16% increase => physical attack power 12%, attack speed 50% increase.

• " Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon " attack speed 14% increase => physical attack power 11%, attack speed 65% increase.


Wizard Unit: Mace and Staff

• " Wizard Unit: Mace and Staff " passive skill will have similar values as skills increasing magic attack power by 10%, Int/Wisdom by 80%.

• " Wizard Unit: Mace and Staff " magic attack power 16% increase => magic attack power 12%, Int/Wisdom 50% increase.

• " Wizard Unit: Mace and Staff " casting speed 14% increase => magic attack power 11%, Int/Wisdom 65% increase.



• Basic cool time of Rapid fire was changed from 15 seconds to 20.

• Cool time of Snipe was decreased for 1.5 second for each level.

• Basic cool time of Plea of the Pious was changed from 30 seconds to 120 seconds.

• When Plea of the Pious is activated, amount of consumed MP is changed from 70% to 50%.

• Basic cool time of Field of Corruption was changed from 300 seconds to 120 seconds.

• Magical power reflect rate of Field of Corruption increased a lot.


Short distance type

• Apport skill will increases moving speed and critical ratio on each level.

• Hell breath skill will have increased attack power and magic power reflect rate.

• Cool time of Hell breath skill will decrease for 8 seconds on each level.


Magic type

• Activation condition for Molten Skin will be casting of any damage dealing magic skill.

• Values of physical attack power for Molten Skin is increased on each level.


Ranged type

• Eruption of the Wild can be casted automatically and is applied to the target. Attack speed of the target is decreased a little bit.

• Cool time of Demonic Onslaught is decreased for 2 seconds on each level.

• On each level for Demonic Onslaught ratio of consumed HP is added and power reflect rate is increased.


Tanker type

• Physical attack power of Strong Spirit is increased for each level.

• Cool time of Abominable Howl is decreased for 30 seconds in each level.

• When Abominable Howl is used, a restoration effect is applied.


Healer type

• Basic cool time of Favoritism is changed from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.

• Cool time of Favoritism is decreased for 10 seconds on each level.

• Kiss of the Goddess will have increased reflect rate of restoration of magic power.

• Kiss of the Goddess will have increased attack power and casting power on each level.

• Basic time of Soothing Globe is changed from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

• Duration of Soothing Globe increases for 1 second in each level.

• Restoration period of Soothing Globe is changed from 2 seconds to 1 second.

• Girl Bears Four Leaf Clover skill is added for Evoker. Size of the character becomes smaller.

• Skill Summon Mastery: Time after dual summoning is changed from 3 seconds to 15 seconds.

• Duration of Speed of the Wind is changed from 20 minutes to 30 minutes


- Usability improvement on enhancement and repair windows

Double click on item in inventory will move item to enhancement/repair window

Double click on item in enhancement/repair window will remove that item


- The UI has improved. The amount of Rupee you could hold in your inventory was increased to 100 billion but it was not displayed on user interface bar properly. This has been fixed. 



- When a Character that had an active title and was in a guild opened a store you could not open that store. Because of the title and the guild the shop interface was moved in a way that made it impossible to open it. This has been fixed, you can now open the shop when both a guild and a title are displayed.


- All new Sand Lord Kynish titles (hidden dungeon) required killing the wrong boss - Fixed
All Hidden Dungeon titles form Sand Lord Kynish required you to kill Takin.
Example: When you kill Takin 50 times, you will receive a title for killing Takin and killing Lord Kynish.
This problem existed with all of the Sand Lord Kynish (Hidden Dungeon) titles: 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000 and 5000 kills.


- If a user with more than 10 billion Rupees in his inventory tried to exchange Lak to rupees from the Lak trader, the Lak trader NPC refused the exchange. This is fixed now, you can exchange Lak for Rupees if you have more than 10 billion rupees.


- When users completed daily Vulcanus quests, system messages regarding additional EXP, job points and acquired rupees were not displayed.
This was fixed and the message is now displayed.


- When your warehouse had some items in it a graphics error could be appear in the form of a small line displayed outside of the warehouse. This has been fixed.


- When characters or creatures attacked using long distance skills, they behaved strangely (for example, when players used any long range skill/attack, upon approaching the monster, the character would turn around 2 times before hitting it.). This is fixed, players and creatures should no longer appear to be lagging when using skills.


- It was not possible to make deals with more than 9999999999 (9 billions) in the warehouse, auction and in trade with other players.

Both windows where limited to 10 digit numbers. This limit has been raised accordingly.


- When players put a creature on sale in a market stall on the flea market and removed it afterwards the frame of the card was still displayed in the shop. This is fixed if you remove the card from the stall no traces remain.


- There was an issue with the Cardinals skill Rainbow field. This is a magical skill, however when players used Tyrant Authority 2 (Death Tyrant buff), all magical skills increase by 1 point, except the Rainbow field. Rainbow field goes up by 1 point if Tyrant Authority 1 is used (a buff which increases all physical skills by 1 point). Clearly, the Rainbow field is a magic skill, so it should receive the increase from Tyrant Authority 2, which enhances magical skills, not from Tyrant Authority 1.


- A launcher display issue experienced by users using mobile connections should be fixed.



- "Help the Ents!" event started.

- Party EXP event ended.



- Translation has been updated. 

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