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Patch Notes - March 4th 2014

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 03/04/2014.




- Pets and loot pets randomly stopped doing what they were doing, for example fighting a monster or collecting loot. This should no longer happen.


- The window for transferring the leadership of a guild from one player to another was not working correctly. It could not be closed with the "x" in the upper corner. This is fixed and the "x" now works properly. 


- Following Rare: Sirocco decoration boxes can now be opened with level 1 .

Rare: Sirocco Helm Decoration Box

Rare: Sirocco Boots Decoration Box

Rare: Sirocco Gloves Decoration Box

Rare: Sirocco Costume Decoration Box



- No changes to the ongoing events. 



- Translation has been updated. 

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