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[Sales] Potions, Bottles, Stones and more!




Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that following offers are now available in the Item Shop:







- Lucky Box - HVP   

- Lucky Box of Blessed E-Repair!

- Lucky Box of Supreme Growth Potion 100

- Supreme Growth Potion x1 & Master Key

- Supreme Growth Potion x40 & Master Key - 60% off!

- Supreme Growth Potion x20 & Master Key - 30% off!

- Supreme Growth Potion x10 & Master Key - 20% off!

- Fairy Bottle x80 & Bonus Pack & Master Key

- Fairy Bottle x40 & Red Mystery Bag & Master Key

- Fairy Bottle x20 & Yellow Mystery Bag & Master Key

- Lucky Box of Fairy Bottle 100 


- Red Cracker x20 & Creature Box!

- Red Cracker x50 & Creature Box & Master Key


- Lucky Potion x100 & GMB & Master Key - 50% off!

- Lucky Box of Lucky Potion 100

- Ancient Chaos Stone x3 - 60% off!

- Ancient Chaos Stone x2 - 50% off!

- Lucky Box of Stamina Saver 100
- Lucky Box of Crackers 100 
- Secret Feather of Summon (10) 
- Secret Feather of Union (10)
- Secret Feather of Teleportation (10)
- Secret Feather of Return (10)


The Lucky Box HVP contains ONE of the following:

- 10 days Hidden Village Pass

- 15 days Hidden Village Pass

- 30 days Hidden Village Pass

- 90 days Hidden Village Pass

- 150 days Hidden Village Pass


Growth Potions triple EXP and JP gain for 1 hour. Stack with Stamina Savers.

Supreme Growth Potion is now available for characters of all levels.


God Mother Fairy Bottles revive you after dying in the heat of battle! These vital potions bring you back to full health and restores all your buffs.


Lucky Potions double the item drop rate for 1 hour! The effects of this potion persists through death.


Red Cracker inceases EXP of pets in formation by 200%.


Ancient Chaos Stone - when used, this item upgrades the level of the Chaos Stone in a Necklace by 1. Works on Lv10~Lv19 Chaos Stones. Every level adds 5000 to max Lak storage with a max of 50000 at Lv19.


Master Key (= Super Clay Key) - Unlocks the Relic Box! Opening the Relic Box with Clay Key may give your many different kinds of rare items!


The offer is valid until the 6th of July.


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Kind regards,

your WEBZEN Team

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