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Project 7 Pets

So far, few details about the Project 7 pets have been released. They remain mysterious creatures, however today, thanks to [QA]Tharja, more details about each pet will be shared with you all!


These pets have been created using the Death Gladiator as the template, so while they are all pets with their own unique skills like the classic Rappelz pets they also have many more skills than the classic pets.


Each pet is different from the rest, but they will all offer something to those who are fortunate enough to become their masters!


Forest Pixie


The Forest Pixie has long been a part of Rappelz, hidden away from everything else she has watched the world of Rappelz flourish. She has finally decided that it is time to truly make her presence known and joins her sisters the Red and Blue Pixies as a Basic pet.


She is a master hunter who uses ranged weapons, her skills make use of her dexterity to release volleys of arrows at her target while she keeps her threat levels low, but she also makes use of the various plants of the forest to inflict various debuffs both on a single target and across a larger area.


Although she is only a Basic creature the Forest Pixie should not be under-estimated and will make a valuable companion to any adventurers who are beginning or resuming their journeys!


Crystal Spider


The Crystal Spider has, for a long time, lurked within the Remains of the Ancients and has managed to absorb large amounts of radiation from the Drillbots who also reside there. They make use of this radiation in numerous ways and will soon be available to tame as a Special pet.


This creepy crawly makes use of both physical and magical stats and can attack from both short and long distances. By combining radiation with its own venom the Crystal Spider is able to inflict numerous debuffs on both a single target and groups of enemies.


Despite its venomous nature the Crystal Spider also makes for an accomplished healer and can channel energy to create a barrier around the target which both increases the physical defense and enhances the effects of healing spells.


The wide variety of abilities and attainable nature of being a Special pet means that the Crystal Spider will be a useful companion for the majority of Rappelz players!


Ethereal Pixie


Whether the Ethereal Pixie was once a Red or a Blue Pixie is impossible to tell, their abilities transcend their former limitations as they are now able to channel both offensive and restorative magics. This ability has also caused a distinctive change to their colouration which mirrors the fusion of their Red and Blue Pixie abilities.


The Ethereal Pixie possesses both potent curative abilities and magical attacks. She is able to unleash a barrage of magical blasts on a single target or casting wide range spells which hit repeatedly but she is at her most powerful when she combines her two elemental powers.


As a Unique creature the Ethereal Pixie will be more difficult to obtain but she is a valuable ally for all adventurers. Her curative abilities enable her to support both her master and their party.


Wind Pixie


The Wind Pixie shines as brightly as the sun and few creatures can match the speed at which she attacks. Although her small size limits her physical strength, she makes use of her wits to enhance herself.


She is equipped with a wide range of abilities which make use of both her physical and magical attacks. The blazing light she emits is capable of dazzling her opponents or searing them to reduce their defense and leaving them feeling the burn. Although she specialises in single target damage she is able of raining down blows over a wider area and can even produce a soothing light to heal her allies.


The Wind Pixie will be a Unique creature who is a powerful and benevolent force of nature.


Bloodthirsty Slaughterer


This abominable creature has dwelled within the Remains of the Ancients as long as any can remember it feeds off of the blood of others and brings disaster wherever it goes.


The Bloodthirsty Slaughterer specialises in inflicting pain to his targets, the blood of his opponents fuels his fury. As he wreaks havoc his abilities are enhanced even more, restoring his own health as he unleashes his skills. His sheer size grants him great stamina, but his bloodlust has its own cost as it requires great amounts of mana to sustain.


The Bloodthirsty Slaughterer will also be a Unique pet and should his master be able to control him, he will unleash his fury on their enemies and anything else which stands in their way.


Crystal Golem


The Crystal Golem guards the Remains of the Ancients the allure of the crystal deposits are irresistible to him. Each crystal has different properties which he uses to empower himself.


There are no other creatures who can compare to the sheer durability of the Crystal Golem, his solid body grants him a natural shield. By altering his composition he is further able to increase his own vitality and can negate some damage by transferring it to his MP. His huge fists are threatening weapons which are tempered while his target is weakened by repeated blows. Although he specialises in being the ultimate shield, he also shows some surprising talents.


The Crystal Golem is the final Unique creature who will soon be available and he will become a staunch ally of those who tame him.


Grandmaster Hector


This shadow of the legendary Hero Hector at the height of his powers is a fearsome fighter. Equipped with his axe he shows off his mastery over all elements.


Having spent many years concentrating his powers he is adept at performing both physical and magical attacks. With both single target and wide ranging abilities Hector is able to decimate any who stand in his way.


Hector lives up to being an Epic pet, only the mighty Death Gladiator can compare to his strength. Any players who are fortunate enough to earn the right to call themselves his master will have earned a powerful ally.




These 7 news pets are certain to change the world of Rappelz when they are released, but which one is your favourite?


Or more importantly, do you have what it takes to call yourself their master?


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