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Preview Epic IX Part 1 - New Dailies, new Enhancement System and a Date!

I didn’t take the humiliation very well. I wasn’t prepared. After heroically going through the portal – ready to take on the mad creatures that invaded our fine lands – I had learned it the hard way. Coming back to my village empty handed was nothing I was used to. But so was giving up.

I knew my time would come. Soon I would pay the horrible evils another visit and then the outcome would be different. But I needed more training, more knowledge, better gear and the help of fellow adventurers! 


Engage in daily quests!


You already are familiar with the daily quests we currently have in Rappelz. You receive Gaia Coins each time you complete a daily quest, which you then later on can trade in for decorative items and buffs. But did you know those decorative items were Epic exclusive? Yes, Gaia Coins will soon be history!


With Epic 9.1 – Masquerade new daily quests will be added to the game that will not only give you XP, Gold and JP you will need to get to the new Job Level max of 60, but also the new Asura Coins.


And in case you did not manage to spend your Gaia Coins in the previous Epic, you wil be able to exchange them for the new Asura Coins in a 3:1 ratio.



Eager to see what the new exclusive deco costumes will look like? Here is a little preview!





Improve your gear!


To endure against the mighty new bosses we presented in our last 9.1 preview you will need good gear. Very good gear! This is the perfect time to make yourselves familiar with the new enchantment system.  With the new update, you’ll be able to enhance your Rank 7 equipment up to +25!


But you won’t receive a powerful +25 staff or mace just like that. Crafting a powerful weapon will take time and loads of material. But it will all be worth it. The additional stats will be dramatically increased through this system. Here is how it’s done:


Main material (Rank 7, +20 - +24 item) + Extra Material (Equipment r2-r7, same equipment class (weapon/armor), same enhancement level) + Medium (Rank2-Rank7, sold by Blacksmith NPC, seen below)




So yes, you will need +20 weapons. Good thing that with Epic 9.1 the developers have also increased the success rate of Lucky Cubes – Strike/Defense and Fortune Cubes – Strike/Defense.


And another good news for those of you who did not like the [TP] King of Steel quest: You still need nerves of steel, but the success rate for this quest has been dramatically increased as well.


Discover the Hidden Village!


Do you already know about the Hidden Village? This wonderful place welcomes tired adventurers with extra amenities, for example double the stamina regeneration, discounts on purchases of items and services, bonus on Lak trades and much more. The Hidden Village is a secret area only accessible for characters in possession of a Hidden Village Pass.


With our new expansion we will increase the normal and stackable buffs your character can receive in the Hidden Village, we’ll have CS costumes on sale and add a special auction house function for valuable items that you already know from the item shop!



But also players who don’t own a Hidden Village Pass will find big and small improvements in the UI, in the way some of the items drop (skill cards and artefacts) and loads more! Remember the Flea market being overcrowded; making it hard to find the deal you are looking for? The new channelling system will split this issue asunder!



And that was it: our last Epic 9.1 preview! We hope you are as excited about the new expansion as we are.


Trust us – It won’t be long until the Masquerade will be lifted!'s going to happen next week already!

Mark the 2nd of September!


* Please note that all you see and read is not final and is subject to change with or without prior notice.

Have a great time in Rappelz!

The WEBZEN team


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