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Sales Update - 07/08 – Powerful Buffs, One mount and Two NEW looting pets!

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Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that the following offers have just been added to the Item Shop:


Welcome our 2 new looting pets, the black and the white horse!


- Those cute horsies will pick up drops within a 15 meter radius and place them automatically in your inventory! The first time you summon them, you'll be able to give them a name. How does Rainbow Dash sound?




There is even more this week:

- Bag of pure energy sources (Buffs)

- Energy of Gold (Buffs)

- Lion of God (Mount)

- Transmogrifying Charm (sold seperately or in a bundle of 5)

- Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit (20% discount!)

- Skill Upgrade Pack + Bonus S-Protects (Powerful bundle to enhance your precious skill cards. Includes 5 Ancient Skill Cubes + 5 Free S-Protect Cards)

Need a preview? Here are the items in detail!

- Bag of pure energy sources, containing powerful buffs that will last for 30 minutes: 

 *Energy of flowers restores 30.000 HP, 15.000MP;

 *Energy of fire  P.ang /M.ang +1000, +5000 Max HP;

 *Energy of wind + 10% Crit rate, +30 Accuracy / M.Accuracy;

 *Energy of water +20 Att. and Cast speed + 30 Speed


And an even more powerful buff, stackable up to 5 times, lasts for 60 minutes, pure gold!


- Energy of Gold:

1: Max. MP and HP +2000

stack 2: Max. MP and HP +3000, Crit. Power +15

stack 3: Max. MP and HP +4000, Crit. Power +20, Acc. and M. Acc +30

stack 4: Max. MP and HP +5000, Crit. Power +25, Acc. and M. Acc +40, Att. Spd and Cast Spd +30

stack 5: Max. MP and HP +6000, Crit. Power +30, Acc. and M. Acc +50, Att. Spd and Cast Spd +40, Crit. Rate +15%


- Lion of God – a fancy mount (tradeable), that’ll bring you into the heart of battle in no time!


The offer is valid from today until 07/14/2014.

Kind regards,
Your Rappelz Team

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