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The PTS will close its doors today!

PTS Dear Community,


The Public Test Server will close its doors today at 3pm GMT!


We hope that you enjoyed playing together with people from all over the world on our Public Test Server.


We hope it has been a great experience for you to try to tame new Boss Pets and level up like crazy to test some of the latest features Rappelz is offering you with the soon to come Epic VIII Part 3 - Omen.


It has definitely been a wonderful adventure for us. Our characters were sitting on flea most of the time with shops providing many useful items for testing - or we were just running around buffing your characters like crazy. But most of all we were happy seeing such excellent communication between all of us.


Expect more news regarding the new Epic soon!


We will now browse through the PTS forums, and we hope the bug hunters among you could track the one or the other undiscovered issue down.


Thank you,

Your gPotato staff

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