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Rappelz Epic 8.3 - Groundhog Day: New Daily Quests!

EpicLegends are passed down through generations, little one. I have already told you about adventures I've walked through, here in my first letter.


Soon, you will have a chance to create your own story! How, you ask, my boy? Maybe by taming all the bosses Gaia has to offer? Maybe by finding the strongest one? Maybe another way? This, young adventurer… this is your own destiny to choose!


First, make sure you read my latest announcement containing extensive information about everything you need to know before undertaking the attempt to tame the creature of your dreams. Find out about mid / boss soul taming, about the differences they offer, about their types, skills, cards and more.


All I can tell you now is that... it won't be easy to decide...


Ashmaw the Devourer awaits you!


Today, I have more exciting news for you!




Epic VIII part 3 introduces a completely new daily quest system! Not only will it allow low-level players to level up faster, it will also grant new, epic-exclusive items! Yes! Epic-exclusive! That means that the developers plan to use this process continuously in the future, so you will be able to acquire amazing new items with every coming expansion!


How does it work?


25 new daily quests will be added to the game. After hunting ferocious monsters, finding and gathering mysterious objects and completing all the tasks the questgivers will give you, you will be rewarded with special coins allowing you to buy various items. Remember that with every new Epic, existing rewards will be replaced with brand new ones! Which means that certain items in Rappelz will only be available to buy in-game with these special coins through the length of an Epic. Then, with the launch a new expansion, players having earned these items will be the only ones to have them. Using the Transmogrifying Charm, you'll be able to transform your gear into something unmatched, without lacking the potential of the newest and most powerful sets of armors! Three years from now, one glance at your character equipped with a unique set will be enough to tell you are not a wannabe hero, but a genuine veteran. Every character missing out on the unique rewards related to any Epic from Epic VIII Part 3 onwards will not have the opportunity to look the same as yours!


Want to know more?!


Stay tuned for more info on dungeons for Master Class experts and more!


Keep an eye on our website, and in the meantime don't forget to prepare yourself for a new beginning! You think your character is ready? Better think again!


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Enjoy the game!


Your Rappelz Team

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