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Exceptional Maintenance - 22 July






All server shall be taken down for maintenance at the following times:


UTC: 10:50

UTC+1 (UK): 11:50

ET (US): 6:50




The maintenance is expected to last no more than 2 hours. We shall update this announcement with details following the patch.


Patch Notes:

  • Crystal Spider would not drop: Fixed
  • Stage rates for Forest Pixie, Wind Pixie, Ethereal Pixie, Bloodthirsty Slaughterer, and Crystal Golem were incorrect: Fixed
  • Enhanced Crystal Glasses would not add +1% tame rate: Fixed
  • Icon for empty Bloodthirsty Slaughterer and Crystal Golem were wrong: Fixed
  • Icon for Staged Forest Pixie and Ethereal Pixie were missing: Fixed
  • Creature farm gave abnormal amounts of EXP: Fixed
  • EXP event increased from 25% to 50%



We apologise for the inconvenience caused.


Kind regards,

Your Rappelz team

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