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Patch Notes - July 1st 2014

Dear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 07/01/2014.



- The gPotato item has been replaced with a Webzen item (Icon changed).



- If a Player used the taming skill twice on the same mob, he got the message “Another user is already taming”. This has now been replaced with “Taming is already in progress”. 


- After players used the Scroll of Rebirth, they couldn’t unequip some skill cards they were wearing even though they unlearned the skill. 


- When a pet was collecting items, sometimes only one of the items could be picked up. This has now been fixed.


- When players used rush type skills (e.g. "sudden rush"), the following attack skills sometimes were not executed. This has been improved.


+150% EXP, LAK and DROP started.



- Translation updates have been implemented.

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