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Patch Notes - June 17th 2014

Dear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 06/17/2014.



- UI windows like the inventory can now be closed with the ESC key.

- The scroll bar no longer moves when sorting items.

- Scroll of Creature Taming


From now on the Scroll of Creature Taming increases the chance for success when used to tame a creature.


  • All existing scrolls are modified; no new items were created; you will be able to use the new functionality immediately.


  • The old functionality of the scroll is kept. If you use a scroll to tame a creature the cool down of the taming skill is not triggered.


  • The taming rate increase of the scrolls is independent from the taming skill of the player using it. A player with the taming skill level 1 and a player with the skill on level 15 for example will have the same chance to succeed in taming when they use the new taming scroll.


  • Creature taming scroll cast time decreased to 1.5 seconds. (Previously, 5 seconds)


  • When using the creature taming scroll, creature taming was displayed incorrectly as Level 8. (Modified to Creature taming level 20)


  • When using the creature taming scroll, character motion was not displayed at all. The animation is now displayed.



- Galaxy Stone and Stone of Rage + Shards effects/stats should have been restored. Let us know your feedback in this thread.


- World cup event started (06/17 - 07/15)

- VIP tickets were deleted  


- Translation updates have been implemented

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