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Patch Notes - April 22nd 2014

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 04/22/2014.




- It is no longer possible to use a consumable item, like a potion, if the effect of the item would not be applied. The affect not being applied was possible when you already had a buff that gave the same effect as the consumable but on a higher level.


- When a player equipped a pet with a weapon the change of weight in the players inventory was not displayed immediately. This has been improved.


- The boundaries between Horizon and the field east of Horizon have been redrawn. This will improve the recognition on where exactly a player currently is.


- When storing the time limited items in the warehouse, the time left on the tooltip could be displayed wrong. This has been fixed the correct time should now be displayed.


- It was possible to get stuck during the Trial : Chamber of the Hunter. This has been fixed.


- Items with three sockets for soul stones can now slot two stones of the same type.



- Easter event started (04/22-05/13).

- Help the Ents event ended.



- Translation has been updated. 

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