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Patch Notes - April 15th 2014

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 04/15/2014.





- GameGuard Update:

◆ Module for CSauth3.0 applied.
◆ Periodic GameGuard update to the latest version.
◆ Improved Compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Anti-virus programs.
◆ Enhanced Stability.



- Dungeon Siege announcement messages have been changed to follow the schedule below. 


1st notice: 1 hour before the siege

2nd notice : 30 minutes before the siege

3rd notice : 10 minutes before the siege

4th notice: 5 minutes before the siege (notice that players can start the siege)


- When an item was destroyed due to a failure to enhance it, the name and the icon of this item where changed. This made it impossible to tell what kind of item it had been before the failed enhancement attempt. Now when an item is destroyed the name will be changed to red and information that it is a failed attempt will be added. A red spider web like overlay will be applied to the icon. 



-The pick up speed of looting pets has been hugely increased.


- In the target window the remaining HP/MP are now displayed as a percentage. 




- Players could use the Galdiator's honey bread and water while standing, which should have been no longer possible due to the change to the food mechanics, that require all food items to be consumed while sitting. Those two items can now only be consumed while sitting too.   


- If you opened your character information window on the second page while you had a market stall open your AP value was not displayed correctly. This has been fixed.


- Hotkey customized settings were not memorized sometimes for some players after the log-out. This should be fixed now. If you still encounter any issues with the hotkey settings, please let us know in the bug section of the forum.


-When players tried to tame a pet with temporary, non-tradable taming scrolls, two scrolls were used instead of one. This has been fixed. 


The following 3 behaviours were improved but not completely fixed yet: 

If monsters with skills were located far away from the player, the monster used skills more often in comparison with situations where it was closer to the player. 

- Characters behaved strangely, when they attacked with long-range skills. 

When characters moved while casting, the game server considered this as stepping out of attack range and the casting was cancelled. 


- The experience bar for creatures of level 154 and higher was always 100%. Regardless of the creature type, when a creature reached level 154, EXP in the formation window always was displayed as MAX. This has been fixed and the experience is now displayed correctly. 


- The Witch Shredder item appeared again after Epic 8.3 was released and has been removed from the NPC again.


- The information window you open by double clicking on a dungeon stone displayed a string that contained code. This has been fixed and no more code should be displayed.  


- If the target of a beneficial skill is dead, the skill effect will be applied to the character that casted it.


- If a character tries to ride a creature, but the creature is not the target, he tries to ride the creature that is chosen in the creature window.


- When forcefully dismounted from any pet you can ride you sometimes got stuck in the ground. This has been fixed.


- Using the WASD movement keys you could enter the Cubric Dungeon from a different location than the portal entrance. When you exited the dungeon you went back to the spot where you were teleported to the dungeon. This has been fixed.


- The description of some pet skills was too long and as a result the text was overlapping into the description of the next skill. This has been fixed. If the description is too long it will now be displayed only if you hover your mouse cursor over it.  


- Some Pet skills could cause the pet to ignore all further orders and the only way to use the pet again was by unsummon the pet and then summon it again. This has been fixed and should no longer happen.


- When a character tried to attack, he sometimes came too close to the target. This has been improved.



- Translation has been updated. 

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