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Patch Notes - February 4th 2014

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 2/4/2014.



- The lucky potion item effect will now be applied to creatures too.


- When a player uses the skill beast disguise he will again get a speed bonus from items like the Ancient Horseshoe.

- The unity skill effect of pets was randomly turning on and off for Gaia characters. This was fixed the effect will now stay active.

- It was possible to get stuck in a tree after teleporting to Rondo. This was fixed, we called Chief O’Brien and he recalibrated our transporter matrices, and you should no longer be stuck in trees. Aye!


- Olympic events started (02/04/2014 to 02/20/2014).

Event description:

Olympic Games in Rappelz!

Olympic Event : Go for Gold!


-Translation have been updated.

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