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Patch Notes - December 17th 2013

patch notesDear adventurers,


Please find below the patch notes for 12/17/2013.



- Christmas decorations and music have been applied to all main cities in game (12/17/2013 - 01/07/2014).

The loading time of warehouse has been improved.

Effect: After character login, you will now be able to see the whole warehouse loading process when you opens the warehouse for the first time. The warehouse will load only once per session (per character). From that on, anytime you open the warehouse during that session, there won’t be an additional loading process.



+100% EXP event was applied to all servers. +100% Drop event was applied to all servers except Unicorn. (12/17/2013-01/07/2014)

- Christmas events ("Meet Rudolf, the Evil" and "Fight the Evil Snowman") have been started (12/17/2013 - 01/07/2014).




Translation updates have been implemented.


PLEASE NOTE: There will be no maintenance next week (24th of December)!

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