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Rappelz Epic 9.6 The Siege of the Citadel - Release Events

Dear Players,
We are proud to let you know that we've just launched the new Epic 9.6: Siege of the Citadel!
And while we hope you like the new content and enjoy it as much as we do, we've also started some events, giving you the chance to get valuable items and buffs!

The new expansion brings massive innovations, so we have a few events prepared for you that will help you on your adventures.
Don't miss the following events! They all run from March 19th until April 1st!

I. +25% EXP
II. It's the Pet Season 

I. +25% EXP Event

What's better then 100% EXP? 125% EXP, of course!

From March 19th till April 1st 2019, all EXP is increased by 25% to make sure you can keep up with your friends and enjoy the new Epic fully!


II. It's the Pet Season!


"Spring is getting closer and all the animals and creatures of Gaïa are starting to come out of their dens after a long hibernation. It's time for the mating season!
This means there's no better time to look for a new pet!"

From March 19th to April 1st, the following items will drop from:

  • Bosses in Temple of the Ancients / Lost Souls / Exile
  • Cuberic
  • Underground
  • Circus
  • Island
  • Devildom

Empty Creatures

  • [Basic] Soul Taming Card
  • [Rare] Soul Taming Card
  • [Special] Soul Taming Card
  • White Dragon
  • Summoned Death Tyrant
  • [Unique] Soul Taming Card
  • Minotaurus
  • Undine
  • Blight Ogre
  • Baphomet
  • Drillbot

Tamed Creatures

  • Angel
  • Naga
  • Gnoll
  • Summoned Kentauros
  • Genie
  • Ifrit
  • Stone Golem
  • Cerberus
  • White Dragon
  • Summoned Death Tyrant
  • Minotaurus
  • Undine
  • Blight Ogre
  • Baphomet
  • Drillbot

Creature Supplies

  • Red Creature Potion
  • Blue Creature Potion
  • Power of Change: Artifact
  • Creature Resurrection Spellbook (Account Bound)
  • Scroll of Creature Taming (Account Bound)
  • Advanced Soul Catalyst
  • Animal Cracker (Account Bound)
  • Creature Name Change (Account Bound)
  • Powerful Scroll of Creature Taming
  • Decorative Pet Name Change
  • Empty Potion Bottle Lv. 2
  • Blessed Creature Box
  • Creature Re-specialization Potion
  • T-Protect Mirror (Account Bound)
  • Blessed Power of Change: Artifact (Character Bound)
  • Soul Creature Re-specialization Potion
  • Soul Creature Selective Potion

Skill Cards

  • +3 Summon Creature
  • +3 Creature Taming
  • +4 Summon Creature
  • +4 Creature Taming
  • +5 Summon Creature
  • +5 Creature Taming
  • +5 Recall Creature

In addition, all pets will gain: +45% P. Atk, +54% M. Atk and +54% Max HP/MP.





Your Webzen team

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