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[HC] Celebrate the launch of the new Hardcore Server!

Brave adventurers,


New guilds and alliances will rise to face with a new challenge on our brand new hardcore server, and we're excited to see how you will shape and influence the continent of Gaia and its inhabitants!

To spice things up, the server opening will be accompanied by a plenty of special events. 


1. World buffs and XP!

Throughout the next 2 weeks, world buffs will be applied on the servers and will help you to rise through the ranks rather quickly.
If you decide to join the hardcore server now, you will also get a double experience bonus for two weeks! With the permanent double xp gain of the Hardcore Server this means 4x (!) XP (!!!) - you will level up in a heartbeat!


2. Level race! 

We are all gonna start fresh, but some of us will gain levels faster and be the first who reach perfection. As dedication should be rewarded we'll give out the following prices for players reaching milestones the quickest:





The first 20 players who reach Rank 5


  • 3x Growth Potion (non tradeable)
  • 3x Impact Amplifier (1h)
  • Fallen Angel's Wings (30 Days)
  • Tent (14 Days)
  • Taranida Looting Pet (15 days)




The first 10 players who reach Rank 7


  • Ninja Costume (Permanent)
  • 1x Rebirth Scroll (Non-tradable)
  • Kurenmarc Sword (Permanent)
  • Butkadah Looting Pet (Permanent)
  • Phantom White Tiger (Permanent)


3. The Great Lottery! 

For two weeks, any player that logged on the server on any day will be eligible for our lottery!

During each maintenance (13th of October and 20th of October), we will pick 10 characters randomly from the list of players who connected at least once, and grant them the following items:

 • 1x Taming mirror

 • 1x E-Repair Powder

 • 10x Rank 7 Fortune Cube - Strike
 • 10x Rank 7 Fortune Cube - Defense


You don't feel lucky and you'd rather get a hold on your own destiny? Then prepare your hunting gear for the next event, because here comes...



4. Own your guild dungeon!

Capturing a dungeon will bring even more rewards than usual to your guild!

During maintenance, handy consumable items will rain on the leader of any guild that managed to take hold of a dungeon. It will be up to the leaders to distribute the rewards as they see fit.
This event will also last for two weeks.

Here is the list of items that will be given to each leader of a guild owning a dungeon:

 • 20 Fairy Bottles
 • 20 Lucky Potions
 • 20 Stamina Savers 
 • 20 Feather packages (9 feathers)



That's it, now get in game! Shape the future of the the new server!





See you in game,

your WEBZEN team

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