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The Super Drop Event!

Hello citizens of Gaia!


Today is a day to celebrate, 9.2 has finally been released and you’ll be able to enjoy it’s brand new content. But one bit of good news never comes alone on Rappelz, we have plenty of surprises for you starting with this one:


The Super Drop Event!


Drop event? Nothing special you might say, but bear with us and wait to find out more about this one in particular.

The drop event will last not 1… not 2… not 3… wait for it... It will last for 6 consecutive weeks! Yes you heard right, 6 weeks of gifts.


Every week will bring its own surprise drop items!


Starting this week, you’ll have a chance to get Stamina savers, Sta 1000, Growth Potions at different levels, and a Fake Investigation permit for the Distorted Space to allow you to explore the new Dungeon!


Additionally, the Fake Investigation permit for the Distorted Space will be part of the drop event every week!


Are you curious about what items will be droppable in the coming weeks? Wait for our weekly patch-notes to find out!

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