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Party XP event - The more the merrier!

event-Boy! Another one!

-It’s your fourteenth, Sir Hecteryon…

-It’s none of your business kid, just give me another one!!

The young bartender put on a frightened face and was about to pour another Purple Lucida malt for the grumpy Druid, when the massive hand of the bar owner took the tankard away from him and pushed him at the back of the bar.

-Go take care of other customers, Renus.

And as the gigantic owner turned to the druid, Hecteryon knew already that his pitiful evening was about to end.

-Hecteryon, you miserable junk wizard. You scared off my son and made a fool of yourself in front of the entire tavern. Do you think you will find a decent party if you keep behaving like this? I don’t want to see your face until you find yourself valiant warriors to fight by your side. Now, get out of here!


A thin rain started to pour as the wizard hit the ground in front of the tavern door. The owner closed behind him, leaving Hecteryon in the dark of his own thoughts.

“I’ll never find a party, I’m not strong enough…”

He slowly crawled against the wall to rest his weary back. And as he was about to close his eyes, exhausted and sad, he perceived something moving between his eyelids. In front of his eyes. A hand.

Suddenly free from any exhaustion, his eyes open wide, he saw the solid helping hand was inviting him to get up.

A proud warrior was standing next to him.

-My companions and I have been looking for a mage to complete our party. Would you like to be that mage?  Cause...




Hecteryon is now adventuring across the continent, alongside with his newly found companions, happily enjoying the party XP event. It is time for you to find yourself a party and follow the Druids footsteps! Take the most advantage of the party XP! 


From the 07/15/2014 to the 08/12/2014, you will receive up to as much as twice the usual experience if you are part of a group while raiding a dungeon. The more members in your party, the more experience you will gain!



Enjoy the game,
your WEBZEN team

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