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Rappelz Cup 2014!

Greetings, people of Gaia,

We are proud to announce that the Rappelz World Cup 2014 has finally kicked-off! The entire Realm will be engaged in this competition!

The event will last for one month, although items related to the Cup will drop for 3 weeks.

One month of football... You'd better have stamina!
But wait, what's actually happening?





A new NPC (that you can find in each town of Gaia) will be in charge of the World Cup. Talk with him to enter the tournament!

Once you're registered, hunt monsters anywhere in Gaia to gather the letters "W", "O", "R", "L", and "D". You can bring one "WORLD" ticket back each day to Soccer Enthusiast Jack (the NPC) in exchange for a First Round Soccer Ball.



Allez, Ola, Ole!

Important notes:
The letters will only drop from the 17th of June to the 8th of July (3 weeks).
From the 8th to the 15th of July (the last week of the event), letters won't be dropping anymore and you will not be able to exchange your WORLD tickets for new First Round Soccer Balls. You will still be able to participate the event with the First Round Soccer Balls you already own.





Kick the Soccer Ball by double-clicking on it! Try to get a goal!

Your prize will depend on how well you do in the tournament. Every time you manage to get a "Goal", you will have the opportunity to grab your Victory rewards and stop here, or move on to the next round (but you may not score a Goal again!).





If you throw the ball out of the field, you will receive:

Round Reward
Preliminary 5 Mysterious Crystals
First Round 5 Special Mana Potions
Quarterfinal 1 Creature Cracker
Semifinal 1 Stamina Saver
Final 1 Fairy Bottle


If you throw a "Pass" or "Dribble", but get intercepted:

Round Reward
Preliminary 10 Mysterious Crystals
First Round 7 Special Blood Potions
Quarterfinal 3 Creature Crackers
Semifinal 3 Stamina Savers
Final 3 Fairy Bottles


And finally, if you score a goal and reap the rewards:

Round Reward
Preliminary 3 Lucky Potion
First Round 5 Lucky Potions
1 Rappelz Cup Costume Random box (3d)

1 World Cup Ring (7d)
1 Rappelz Cup Costume Random box (7d)

3 Blessings of Deva


1 World Cup Ring (14d)

1 Rappelz Cup Costume Random box (14d)

2nd Place Trophy (14d)

3 Coins of Gaia


1 World Cup Ring (28d)

1 Rappelz Cup Costume Random box (28d)

1st Place Trophy (28d)

10 Coins of Gaia


Remember - you can only aim for the championship once per day, so give it your best shot every day until the event ends on July 15th!



Don't aim for the spectators!

The WEBZEN team 

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