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V is for Victory!

eventVictory is nigh! From June 3rd until June 14th you can prepare yourself to battle the evils of Gaia in style.


Yeah, you might already have the Gladiator costume or the Ninja outfit, but the gear available in this event will leave no room for questions: You mean trouble to all the evils of the Gaian continent!


To participate in this event and have a chance for a permanent battle costume, just show the monsters of Gaia who’s the boss. Slay them! Hack them! Give them pet names!


During the 2 event weeks, monsters will drop the items “V”, “!”, “D”, “A” and Y”. V-DAY!

“V” is for "Victory" in case you vere vondering.  


female costume


The female version of the costume, high heels included!


Collect these items from monsters all over Gaia and then simply combine them using the following methods:




Royal guard helmet

V + ! + D + A + Y + Event helmet

Royal Guard shoes

V + ! + D + A + Y + Event shoes

Royal Guard gloves

V + ! + D + A + Y + Event gloves

Royal Guard costume

V + ! + D + A + Y + Event costume



The complete set consists of: helmet, shoes, gloves and costume.


But beware, the combination can either succeed or fail AND the combination outcome can be either a timed costume part or a permanent one.


The result of your combination can be limited to 3 / 7 / 14 / 28 / 365 days OR be permanent.


Combination items will disappear after 14 days.


male costume


The male version of the costume, sporting tight leather!


We hope you enjoy the event and wish you loads of luck for your combinations.


Kind regards,

The Rappelz Team

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