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Get rolling and win!


Everyone can win in Rappelz! Yes, you heard right: come claim your prize by participating to our mini-game!

How to participate:

1. Contact the Event NPC available in any town, he will give you everything needed to start playing.

2. Roll the die. Combine the number you obtained with the game board: you will then push your pawn the number of squares you got on the die. You can get -1, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. 


3. If you obtain a 4 or a 5, you can then reroll! (You have two hours to use those numbers)

4. Combine the number with the game board in the combination window.

5. You will then push your pawn the number of squares you got on the die. /!\ Attention! You will always push your pawn to get shortcuts, represented by diagonals on the board. Think well and craft your tricks to make good use of those shortcuts!



6. You will be rewarded every time you go through the red starting square! Your rewards will be placed automatically into your inventory.



- You can find the Event NPC on all cities: Trainee Island, Laksy, Horizon, Katan, Rondo, Hidden Village.

- The Event NPC will stay until the 06/03/2014.

- Items linked to the event will disappear when the event will be over.

- You have 2 hours to use the number obtained on the die through combining the die.


- You can roll the dice once every 2 hours

- All Event items (Die and Game Board) are not tradable, linked to the character and cannot be stored.


Here are the rewards:





 Rice Cake Soup

Increase Max HP +5000,

Atack & M. Atack +1000





 Increase Critic Rate +10%,

Accuracy & M. Accuracy +30




Bee Drink   

Increase Movement Speed +30,

Attack Speed & M. Atack Speed +20




 Gaia Coins (10) You can exchange coins for precious items through coin exchangers in each town.

All Event rewards are not tradable, cannot be stored and cannot be sold

Have fun with this event! It will last until 06/03/2014.


gPotato Team

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