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Golden Weeks in Rappelz!

golden weeks

In May, nothing will get in your way!
A new NPC, located in each main city of Gaia is here to give you an edge against whatever's coming at you.
He will help you in a multitude of fashions, the first and most simple one being a free buff, granting you +30 on all statistics for 2 hours (except luck).

You're all buffed up but you still need more?

That's good, every day, from the 13th to the 31st of May 2014, log in game for at least two hours to receive a multitude of rewards!


1. Once a day reward

Once a day / per account, login and talk to the Event NPC you will receive a Log in box. It will grant you one of the following items:

[Unique] Soul taming card 1
Blessed creature box 1
Battle Arena: Crystal of Power 3
Battle Arena:  Crystal of Agility 3
Battle Arena: Crystal of Intelligence 3
Battle Arena: Crystal of Vitality 3
Random Hair Dye Box 1
Creature Transformation Potion Random Box 1
Animal Cracker 2
Champagne bottle 1


2. Every two hours reward


On top of the previous once-a-day present, you will receive one VIP ticket every two hours on Rappelz.
You can exchange one or more tickets for even more rewards at the NPC handing free buffs in every city!


Below is the list of items you can trade your tickets for:

1 Deva's blessing

3 Animal Cracker 2
5 Creature Resurrection Spellbook 3
10 Creature Re-Specialization Potion 1
30 Golden Week Ring (14 Days, +30 stats) 1
50 Blessed creature box 2
80 Gladiator Item Random Box of the Commander 1
80 Darkcaster Item Random Box of the Commander 1
80 Trible Item Random Box of the Commander 1
100 "I am a VIP player! (You'll receive the 4 items as below)" 


Boxes within boxes!

What could be inside the mysterious "I am a VIP player!" box? All of the following items!

[Unique] Soul taming card

Creature Taming Mirror 6
Premium creature farm ticket (4 days, can be traded) 20

Random Boss soul creature summoning scroll.
Get a random boss pet! 

 Bone dragon

You'll receive 5 boxes containing 2 random boss summoning scrolls each, so you'll end up with a total of 10 boss summoning scrolls.



That's correct - the most dedicated players among you have a chance to tame a unique boss.


The clock is ticking, get your tickets now!
... And your buffs. And your once-a-day reward. Get everything.

The WEBZEN team. 

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