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Happy Easter!

Greetings, curious adventurers,


Lately, rabbits have been missing in the lands of Gaia. Rumours started spreading that a magical world is attracting them. And if it's magical and mysterious, then you definitely have to get there yourself!


Luckily, the Easter Egg Keeper NPC seems to know the key to get to this fantastic world.

From the 22nd of April to the 13th of May 2014, enter the magical Easter World!



Any character level 11 and above will be able to enter the "Rabbit Hole" and access the Easter world. You are not level 11 yet? Then hurry up!


To enter, have a chat with one of the Easter Egg Keeper NPCs, located in all major cities of Gaia.



They will offer you to jump down the Rabbit Hole. Accept and you'll magically appear in the Easter Wonderland!
You will be tasked to get some Easter Eggs, but the Rabbits that moved there won't let go of them easily.
Try not to break the eggs while fighting! Even if you do, collect the Damaged Eggs of every color. They will come in handy later on. 


Depending on your character’s level you will get teleported to one of the 5 instances below:


Map Level
Easter Wonderland 11Lv ~ 30Lv
Easter Wonderland 31Lv ~ 60Lv
Easter Wonderland 61Lv ~ 90Lv
Easter Wonderland (hellish) 91Lv ~ 120Lv
Easter Wonderland (hellish) 121Lv ~ 170Lv


The NPCs there will offer you 4 quests. Give them a hand, complete the quests and receive rewards!



Easy, right? Just finish all 4 quests to receive great rewards and Mysterious Eggs! Of course, if you want to leave the Easter map earlier, you can do so by simply asking the NPC. But the bunnies will miss you!


You can do the quests only once per day on each character. The timer for this is reset every day at 6am (Irish time).


By now, you're probably wondering what those Mysterious Eggs are for. The eggs can be exchanged for valuable items at the quest NPC in each city. Watchout, as the Easter Egg Keeper will leave Gaia for good at the end of the event, the 05/13/2014.





Here is what the Mysterious Eggs can be exchanged for:


Mysterious Eggs Reward
20 Easter Skin Color Box
30 Easter Hair Change Box
60 Rabbit Mask Box
60 Potion for Gender Change
100 Easter New Rabbit Costume Set (365d)
100 Easter New Looting Pet Box (365d)



What’s in these boxes?


a) The Easter Skin Color Change Random Box may contain:

Item Quantity
Mysterious Easter Egg 10
Skin color - Brown 3
Skin color - Green 3
Skin color - Yellow 3
Skin color - Blue 3
Skin color - Pink 3

b) The Easter Hair Color Change Random Box may contain:

Item Quantity
Mysterious Easter Egg 15
Hairdye - Lapis Blue 3
Hairdye - Gold 3
Hairdye - Pink 3
Hairdye - White Winter 3
Hairdye - Red White 3


c) The Easter Rabbit Mask Random Box may contain:


Item Quantity
Horrible Rabbit Mask 1
Cute Rabbit Mask 1
Dark Rabbit Mask 1





d) The Easter Looting Pet Box may contain:

Item  Quantity
Gold Rabbit Looting Pet (365 days) 1
E-Repair (3 days, untradable) 1

e) And finally the Easter New Rabbit Costume Set contains a full Easter Bunny set, for 365 days!

The female Easter bunny costume!

The male Easter bunny costume!

You’ll be the proud owner for a full year…until next Easter!



So you defeated some Rabbid Rabbits, got some shiny Mysterious Eggs... but you also got some Damaged Eggs!
What are those for? You can eat them for a buff, of course!


Here is the effect of each Egg, depending on its colour:


+10% Cast speed and Attack Speed +5% HP / MP +5% damage
on normal attacks
+5% damage
for creatures
+5% damage
for skills


Their effect lasts for one day!

You can combine one of each Damaged Egg to receive 3 brand-new undamaged eggs of one random colour.
The buff of these intact eggs will last for 14 days! (The Creature Damage buff unfortunately will only last until the creature is recalled)



The WEBZEN team wishes you a happy Easter and a great luck finding the eggs!

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