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Event - Tame a boss!

Event Greetings adventurers of Gaia,


Today we celebrate the launch of our new expansion, Rappelz 8.3 - Omen, with an event that will reward the most courageous and bravest tamers among you.


Be among the first 5 tamers, who successfully tame one of the 19 unique boss monsters (i.e. Soulseeker, the Bone Dragon or Butkadah) to win a taming package!



Celebrate the launch of the new Epic 8.3 and tame a unique boss!

If you never heard of boss taming, learn about it in our Community Announcement.

After you have successfully tamed one of the 19 unique boss monsters, take a picture of your character and your new pet and post it in this thread.


How do you create your own URL to show us your picture?


1) Save your picture.

2) Go to a picture hosting service like

3) Follow the instructions on their website to upload your picture and receive a link.

4) Copy & paste the link of your picture as an answer to this thread with your character name, server name and the date and time you tamed the unique boss. Please make sure that your character name is clearly visible in the picture. 


The first 5 players who post their picture, their character and server name and the date and time of the successful taming in this thread will receive a reward from us.





-You can only win once per account.

-We will reward the first 5 players who tame a unique boss and post their picture in this thread. If you tame a unique boss but forget to post in this thread as soon as your taming try was successful – you might not get the reward, as the post time of the thread is counted as proof.

-Do not edit your post! We don’t like cheating and we guess you all feel the same. People who “reserve” a post and edit it later on to fill in the link to their picture will be excluded from the event.

-The same goes for players who trade the tamed unique boss to a friend of theirs in order to let them take a screenshot for this event. Cheating is for the weak!



The first 5 players, who successfully tame one of the 19 unique boss monsters and post a picture of their character together with the tamed boss in this forum thread (also mentioning the date and time of their successful tame in the post), will receive:


  • 5x Taming Mirrors
  • 5x Animal Crackers
  • 30x 4 day Premium Stable Pass
  • A +5 Taming Card


Prizes are handed out only once per Account and will be distributed during the week following the end of the contest. Don’t forget to mention your server name!


The event will run until we have our 5 winners. 




  1. Tame a unique boss monster
  2. Take a screenshot of your character and your new pet
  3. Post a link to the screenshot in this thread
  4. Add your character name, server name and the date and time of your successful tame
  5. Be among the first 5 tamers and win big!


Good luck to all of you,

Your Rappelz team 

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