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Epic Events to celebrate the launch of the new Epic 8.3!

Event The rivers of Gaia have been running red with blood since the Dragons first came and decimated the population, eons ago.
In order to prevent the monsters from rising in such a bloody fashion again, many brave adventurers battle every day, taming some amazing beasts to assist them. Still, the strongest bosses remained wild, dangerous, and decidedly untamable for a long time.

... for a long time, but not anymore!
The new Epic VIII Part 3 will give you an extra incentive to face the most fearsome bosses in combat: you can now tame them!
It does not mean you need to rush into those dungeons alone, though - bring along some friends!

We are happy to announce the following events to accompany the launch of Rappelz Epic VIII part 3, which will no doubt help you in your dungeony adventures.
These events will be running for almost a month, so get a party together and start hunting!


1. Login Event
2. Winning Parties


1. Login Event

Each day, from the launch of the Epic VIII Part 3 to the 03/26/2014 at 23h59 (GMT), log on for at least two consecutive hours to receive a present in your inventory!

1st week Animal Cracker

Stamina Saver 3
2nd week

Special HP Potion

Special MP Potion 10
3rd week Lucky Box 2
Trainee's Altered Pieces Gift Box 4
4th week Ancient Magic Scroll 2


2. Winning Parties


From the from the launch of the Epic VIII Part 3 to the 03/25/2014, you will receive up to as much as twice the usual experience if you are part of a group while raiding a dungeon. The more members in your party, the more experience you will gain!



Good luck in your hunts! May this Epic be legendary!

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