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From Rappelz with love

Valentine's Day "And can yoooooooooooooooooooou feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the love toooooooooooooooonight?",

the Teleporter Iriosa hummed for the last few days, annoying the Lak Trader Lela who doesn't like Valentine's Day at all.

What you didn't notice? Guys, it's Valentine's Day soon! The horrible season of the year where you craft and send cards to your loved ones. And this year, in Rappelz, we will have a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day together!

From the 11th to the 13th of February 2014, send your love to your lover, friend, pet or even to your deadly enchanted staff and see your message being broadcast in-game by a 'Cupid CM' on the 14th - Valentine's Day!



How do I send my declaration of neverending love?


It's easy! Just fill out the form below.

[Fill out this form!]

One rule: your message should not contain more than 140 characters! (Twitter-Style!)

Feel free to use a free software like Charcounter to count the characters of your message.

When will my declaration will be sent in-game?


During Valentine's Day, a "Cupid" CM will be in-game, broadcasting your love/friendship messages as a world announcement.

Ready? Start to write!

Kind regards,
The Rappelz Team

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