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Olympic Games in Rappelz!

olympic games Hello adventurer!


The influential (and megalomaniac) mayor of Rondo, Ailrena, is dead set on organising a great sports contest. After all, it’s a bit cold and there is nothing like running around to warm up.

Running around… or snowboarding! Brite, a newcomer from the mountains who loves competitions, initiated Ailrena to the thrills of snowboarding, and now the mayor wants to bring this new activity to every corner of Gaïa. This is all well and good, except for one detail…
The way to Veiled Island is blocked so no one can practice there. What's more, there is a distinct lack of snow in most of the universe!

Luckily, Brite knows her fair share of magic and summoned snowflakes all around the world.
Less luckily, Brite is not a great practitioner of magic, and the snowflakes ended up bound to the monsters instead of the ground!
Quite luckily still, Gaïa is full of proud adventurers…

… Proud adventurers like you who can slay the monsters and bring back the snowflakes to the closest city and start building up skiing resorts!

Yes, I realise it may take a while but shush! Don't tell Ailrena or Brite. Just get going!




Here is how we are going to proceed to get the snow back:

1. In every town, a snowboarder will give you a repeatable quest. Its goal is to get Snow Flakes.
2. Monsters you kill will randomly drop the Snow Flakes needed.
3. Bring 30 Snow Flakes back for your reward: a Winter Games gift box (14 days)!


The Winter Games gift box


Give the Snow Flakes back and start collecting your boxes. What's in them?
Opening a Winter Games gift box (14 days) will grant you randomly one of the following items:



Lucky box

Grants randomly a:

• Fortune Cube - Strike (14 days)
• or Fortune Cube - Defense (14 days)


Lucky pocket

Grants randomly a:

• Blue ring
• or Yellow ring
• or Black ring
• or Green ring
• or Red ring
• or Rondo torch


Snow Crystal

Can be exchanged for a Snowboard costume set.

Snap! Someone put boxes within the boxes, what kind of trickery is this?
Well, we did warn you that Brite was a dodgy magician.

The Lucky pocket and its rings

Let's start by having a look at this mysterious pocket and its rings.
Here is a description of each ring that can be found within:


Blue Max HP / MP +2000, Strength +20 (14 days)
Yellow MAX HP / MP +2000, Vitality +20 (14 days)


MAX HP / MP +2000, Agility +20 (14 days)


MAX HP / MP +2000, Dexterity +20 (14 days)
Red MAX HP / MP +2000, Intelligence +20 (14 days)


Combining each item from the Lucky pocket (the 5 rings + the Rondo torch) will grant you yet another, even more powerful ring, the Winter ring:

MAX HP / MP +5000, all stats +30 (including luck)
It is bound to the character and lasts for 14 days.

To sum it up, you need to collect Snow Flakes to get Winter games gift boxes, open these boxes to get Lucky pockets, and combine all the items that can be received from the pockets to get a Winter ring.

The more cunning among you are probably wondering: what about the Snow Crystals and the costumes?

Snow Crystals


The snowboarder in each town will gladly take your Snow Crystals in exchange for snowboard sets.

1. To receive a 7 days snowboard costume set, you will need 35 Snow Crystals.
2. To receive a 28 days set, you will need the 7 days set + an extra 100 Snow Crystals.

The snowboard sets, which include a beanie, boots, gloves, the main costume and even goggles!

Off you go! The snow won't gather by itself!
Toffic, aspirant snowboarder.

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