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January Freebie: Welcome the new year with a bottle of Stamina Champagne!

Dear players,


Christmas time is sadly over (although, there might still be some decorations left in the cities of Gaia), and we hope you all had a good time with our Christmas / New Years events. Let us know if you like the events in the forum - as you know we always appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration for our future event planning. 


Today we want to grab the opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and celebrate the dawn of a new and exciting 2014. As you all know preparations for Epic 8.3 Prelude are in full effect and we will soon provide more info on the upcoming Rappelz expansion, that'll bring you new daily quests, boss taming, an underground dungeon overhaul and much more - so stay tuned.



But enough of the talk, here is the freebie code for January 2014! And what would fit better than a bottle of Stamina Champagne to celebrate the new year? 


New Year





Now, how to get the free Champagne Bottle? Don’t panic, it is really easy!


Here is your coupon code:





Click HERE and choose: 




Enter the coupon.


Voilà! The Stamina Champagne Bottle will wait for you in your shop box.


The coupon is valid until 01/31/2014 only, so make sure to use it as soon as you finish reading this article!





In order to be kept easily updated on what's new on Rappelz, remember to visit our website daily. 


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We wish you happy new year and looking forward for the many exciting things to come!

Your gPotato staff

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