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It’s the most wonderful time….of the year! Time for the December freebie!


It’s the most wonderful time….of the year!

Dear players,


We are totally excited because it's our favorite time of the year again: it’s Christmas time! The decorations in Rappelz are up and glowing and you can finally enjoy the famous Rappelz Christmas music again. The Christmas events started already yesterday and we feel soooo merry that we want to give you a little additional present. Yes we know, it’s not the 24th yet – but we don’t care! Presents are always nice and today we wrapped something dearly special for all of you! 



Don’t miss the following coupon code that’ll grant you a tiny, wee but “evil” snowman loot pet! Also: please don't skip the christmas carol at the bottom of this news...there might be a valuable hint "hidden" in there.




Doesn’t he look gorgeous, although he tries very hard to look evil? You just have to love this little fella, but keep him away from the flames in Katan!




Now, how to get the free evil snowman looting pet? Don’t panic, it is really easy!


Here is your coupon code:





Click HERE and choose: 




Enter the coupon.


Voilà! Your new friend will wait for you in your shop box.


The coupon is valid until 12/31/2013 only, so make sure to use it as soon as you finish reading this article!





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You better watch out,
You better not cry,
Better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town.
Make sure you're on our Newsletter list

And rather check it twice;
Gonna find out,

Who’s on it will get a prize,

Santa Claus is coming to town.



We wish you happy christmas time!

Your gPotato staff

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