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Fight the Evil Snowman in the Ursa Caverns!

Christmas Hello adventurer!


Christmas is just around the corner, only a few days left! Sooo… It’s time to begin the celebrations! Have you bought all your gifts yet? No? Me neither! And you won't believe what happened to me just a few days ago!


Are you ready to hear my blood-chilling story?! Here it is!


When I left my cosy little cave for a short while to get some Christmas gifts, this awful, ugly, cruel, fierce, treacherous Evil Snowman and his awful, ugly, cruel, fierce, treacherous minions invaded my... my... my Caverns! Can you imagine?!

They took over my lovely place! My sweet home! I am devastated! I am lost. I have no other place to go! And I don't know what to do... I don't want to spend my Christmas hanging around Rondo, Katan, Hidden Village, City of Ruins or Laksy... I am already really tired. I'm sure that by now, you have seen me in these cities...



Me and my bears alone can't defeat them... We tried. We did our best… Without any success… There's just too many of them! An entire army! So... I'm here to ask you... Will you help me, please? Otherwise I won't be able to go back to Ursa Caverns until it is warm again and those perfidious snowmen are melted into a puddle! Please... I want my home back...


If you succeed, I will reward you generously! I promise! But first I will tell you briefly what you have to do:


1. If you are brave enough, I can send you to the Ursa Caverns straight away. Just one word and boom! You are teleported! But, if you would like to prepare yourself for battle a bit more, you can always use the mini-game button in the bottom right corner of the menu. And remember, you can participate up to 12 times every day!

2. You may need some help though... that Snowman is a real brute! I can offer you +100 to your statistics if you decide to enter the cave! I do hope it will help.

3. Consider asking your friends for help!

4. Also, I can offer you some Snowballs to slow down your enemies!

5. When you succeed, you will get 2 special Happy Christmas Tickets and a special Lucky Box as rewards.


Tickets can be exchanged for super prizes!




Happy Christmas One-Handed Long Sword (28 days)




Happy Christmas Two-Handed Long Sword (28 days)



Happy Christmas Dirk (28 days)



Happy Christmas Spear (28 days)



Happy Christmas Two-Handed Axe (28 days)




Happy Christmas One-Handed Mace (28 days)


Happy Christmas Two-Handed Mace (28 days) 18

Happy Christmas Longbow (28 days)



Happy Christmas Crossbow (28 days)




Happy Christmas One-Handed Staff (28 days)



Happy Christmas Two-Handed Staff (28 days)




Happy Christmas One-Handed Axe (28 days)


Happy Christmas Shield (28 days)




Happy Christmas Magic Shield (28 days)



Happy Christmas Hat (28 days)




Happy Christmas Boots (28 days)




Happy Christmas Gloves (28 days)




Happy Christmas Costume (28 days)





6. Here is what you going to get in your Lucky Box for finishing the quest:



1 random Skill Card

1 random Pet Card

1 random equipment of the player's rank (or close to it)

1 random Cash Shop item


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Good luck!

Bear Mother, Ursa Caverns

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