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Meet Rudolf, the Evil! Save Christmas!

Dear Players,


Christmas is almost here! Only few days left! So... are you ready to welcome the man in red carrying around his bottomless bag?


Santa on his long journey to deliver all the gifts in time usually takes the necessary moments to catch his breath. But this time something went horribly wrong... Santa has been separated by his loyal (SO FAR) companion Rudolf who went resting earlier than his boss. When Santa woke up, all gifts... and Rudolf were gone! Santa has no idea what had happened while he was sleeping! The last thing he remembers is a pre Christmas dinner in a pretty odd place - he was not feeling very well after all. Maybe... maybe... Rudolf ate something unhealthy too?! Something that possesed his soul, changed his attitude and transformed him into the real monster that stole gifts for kids?! Hard to believe, huh? Well... help us to save Christmas!


How?! What should you do?! It's easy!

1. Visit Christmas NPCs located in one of main cities (Horizon, Laksy, Katan, Rondo, Hidden Village).

2. Accept a quest.

3. Try to find Rudolf and HUNT him! Yes! Don't be misled! Remember! He is possessed! And... very strong! You may want to ask your friends for help!

4. You may find 4 Rudolfs in areas around main cities (respawn time: 1 hour).

5. After defeating Rudolfs, you will get 10 Rudolf's Essences depending on the area (see table).

6. After defeating one of 4 Rudolfs, the whole server will get a buff depending on the area. Buff time: 10 min (see table):





 Rudolph's sorrow essence

Rudolph's sorrow


Rudolph's agony essence

Rudolph's agony

Rudolph's loneliness essence

Rudolph's loneliness
Rondo Rudolph's despair essence Rudolph's despair
All villages Essence of Christmas -
Hidden Village All essences


All server buff




7. Depending on the world buff, players can visit NPCs to exchange it for 1 Rudolf's Essence.  

8. Rudolf's Essences can be exchanged for various items (permanent & time limited) or

8a. 4 different Rudolf's Essences can be exchanged for 1 Christmas Essence

9. You can find a liist of items and amount of Essences needed directly in game . Amazing costumes are waiting for you! Get them all!





10. Christmas Essences may be exchanged for valuable items:







Deva's Blessing


Phantom Lydian 28 Days


Minung's House 28 days


Christmas E-Repair 3 days




Event duration: 12/17/2013- 1/7/2014


Good luck and a happy holiday season in Rappelz!

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