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Thanksgiving Event: "Gobble, Gobble" in Rappelz!

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving! The Wampanoag tribe helped the Pilgrims by feeding them and teaching them how to catch their own food in those unknown territories, the festive and traditional turkey served during a family dinner, the large family gathering...  Thanksgiving is a particular season that many hold in a special place in their hearts.


This Thanksgiving in Rappelz will be a truly unique one! Why, do you ask? We've been in discussion with the developers, and we made two special events for everyone to enjoy!




Why did the Pilgrims let the turkey join the band?

Because he had all the drumsticks!


Monsters all over Gaia will have a chance to drop a Thanksgiving Turkey. Rip'em open, and discover a free gift inside every one of them!




 Animal Cracker (untradable)

 Rank VI Defense Cube
Rank VII Defense Cube
Rank VI Strike Cube
Rank VII Strike Cube
Stamina Saver (untradable, 7 days)


 Available to all players.




Hunt turkeys for our chefs so that we can prepare Thanksgiving for all of Gaia's citizens!


The Wampanoag tribe told us that exceptionally tasty turkeys can be found in the Vulcanus dungeon. They are quite good at hiding, so you'll have to empty the whole place to find them. When Vulcanus is killed, the Evil Turkey boss will appear, having nowhere else to hide anymore. Kill it to grab some fun loot from the Evil Turkey Treasure Chest! Those rewards will only be available during the event, so make sure you get all of them before the event is gone!


Evil Turkey Boss

You won't ever find me! Gobble gobble!




 Stamina Saver

(7 days, untradable)


Turkey Head*

(300 days)

Turkey Costume*

(300 days)

Turkey Hands*

(300 days)

Turkey Shoes*

(300 days)

Thanksgiving Turkey

(300 days)

Turkey Lootpet*

(300 days)

Wind Potion Superior

Quick Potion Superior  
Spell Potion Superior  


Just imagine how fun disguising yourself as a turkey can be! Activate /PKON, and rule the roost! Show'em bosses that this poultry ain't paltry, but more like awesomely skilled and fun players!


Female Turkey Costume


Male Turkey Costume


If you get lucky, you might just get your very own gobbling looting pet!



Available to players level 30 and up.

* untradable, can be stored, can be sold to any vendor NPC for 100 R.


Both events start on 11/26/2013 and will end on 12/03/2013.


Enjoy the game and have fun on Rappelz,

Your Rappelz staff

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