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The Halloween Paint Challenge!

The air is chilly at the Pyre Site, north of Katan. No sign of human life: only some faint smoke rising from a campfire that is burned out hours ago. Jeina left her outpost days ago. Hector cannot be found. The Pyre Site is now ruled by other powers. Fingernails scraping on the coffin lid and rattling sounds of tortured souls bound in chains.


The north of Katan seems taboo, because it’s that time of the year again when the Undead venture from their narrow prisons and dig up to the world of the living to spread fear and terror. The few poor souls who go astray here are lost long before their hair begins to stand on end and they finally realize they have committed a fatal error by visiting this place of the damned. The night of terror is falling on Gaia, and you should prepare yourselves…

Dear players,

Are you ready to laugh in the face of evil and stand against the terrors of Halloween with your creative skills? Take part in our MS Paint challenge and win Taming Mirrors or even a Scroll of Rebirth!

This will start out fairly simply: Take a screenshot of your character and paint a spooky costume on your character or draw a zombie behind its back. But be aware – only the simplest program can be used. It's ugly? It's alright, it's Halloween!


For this whacky, spooky contest we’re asking you to submit to this thread a picture made only using MS Paint (or the equivalent simple graphics program of your operating system of choice).

The event will last until 31/10/2013.



1st: 3 untradeable Taming Mirrors + 1 untradeable Scroll of Rebirth

2nd: 2 untradeable Taming Mirrors + 10 untradeable Stamina Savers

3rd: 1 untradeable Taming Mirror + 5 untradeable Stamina Savers



- Take a screenshot of your character and use MS Paint to “frighten it up”.
- The image can be created only using MS Paint or equivalent software.
- All text must be hand-written.
- Images should be no larger than 1024x768.
- Any content which is vulgar or inappropriate will disqualify you, with the content being removed.
- You can get your friends in-game to help, but prizes will go to the one who submitted the picture.
- Upload your image to a free picture host of your choice (like, and so on).
- Reply to the Event thread with the link to your image to be included for judging. Don’t forget to post your character name and the server you are playing on.
- You can add as many pictures as you like, but be advised that you can only win once.
- This event will run from now until 31st of October.
- After that simply sit back and wait for the judging to end!  
- The winners will be picked by our CM team and then be announced in this thread.


Wishing you a spooky Halloween season - we hope you are already as excited as we are


excited bones




The ghosts of the Rappelz team

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