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You are invited to our Halloween Scarefest - It will be spook-tacular!



Although Halloween, the spooky season, is drawing close - down at the graveyard, a soft yet anguished sobbing rises from one of the graves. The other graves are empty, not a soul to be seen; only some Party invites are lying in the mud, reading:


“You are invited to a Halloween Scarefest - Come and Join us...... if you dare: It will be spook-tacular!”


What happened here, where are all the ghosts and where is the sobbing coming from? The only one left and the source of the sobbing is the Sad Gatekeeper. Why the sad face you might ask, shouldn’t ghosts be happy during the Halloween season and celebrate their spookiness instead? Right you are, but the sad gatekeeper ghost has his reasons for being the SAD gatekeeper. The Neo Horror Team absorbed all of his friends and now the party he had planned for the night of Halloween will be very quiet and not much fun.


“'s all my fault. I taught him the ancient magic of Soul Collection.”, he repeats over and over again. Can you help this miserable ghost and save the other souls from being trapped forever? Will you defeat the Neo Horror Team, free the souls and join the Halloween celebrations? Get your pumpkin on and hurry up – the 31st is near!



To be able to enter the spooky Halloween Land, your character has to be above level 11. Players below level 11 can’t participate in the get levelled up quickly! There is still enough time before the night of Halloween!


To enter Halloween Land, talk to the [Sad Gatekeeper] NPC, which is located in all major cities of Gaia (Rondo, Laksy, Horizon and Katan) and on the Trainee Island. The Gatekeeper did not renew his Hidden Village pass, so he won’t be able to enter this special place. 


Sad Gatekeeper


After receiving the quest from the gatekeeper, hunt down monsters in Halloween Land to collect Jawbreakers, Lollipops and Candy Canes. With those sweets in your backpack, go back to the Sad Gatekeeper and make a cheerful Gatekeeper out of him by handing in those sweets. In return, you’ll receive a Secret Wonderland Key and 1 Pumpkin Head.


Depending on your character’s level you will get teleported to one of the 5 instances below:


Map Level
Cemetery 11Lv ~ 30Lv
Cemetery 31Lv ~ 60Lv
Cemetery 61Lv ~ 90Lv
Nightmare 91Lv ~ 120Lv
Nightmare 121Lv ~ 170Lv


The NPCs at those locations will offer you 4 quests. Help the NPCs, complete the Quests one after another and receive special, spooky rewards!


Halloween Land NPC


Easy, right? Just finish all 4 quests to receive great rewards! Of course, if you want to leave Halloween Land earlier, you can do so by simply asking the NPC to leave this haunted place.


You can do the quests only once per day on each character. The timer for this is reset every day at 6am.


Secret Wonderland Keys can be exchanged for valuable items at the quest NPC in each city. The event NPCs will leave Gaia for good at the end of the event on 11/05/2013.




You can collect keys and exchange them for the following rewards


Number of Keys needed Reward
20 Halloween Skin Change Random Box
30 Halloween Beauty Change Random Box
50 Halloween KB Random Box
50 Halloween Cloak Random Box
60 Gender Change Potion
80 Halloween Costume Box
80 Halloween Pet & Cloak Random Box



So what’s in those boxes you ask? Here you go:


a) The Halloween Skin Change Random Box may contain:

Item Quantity
Secret Wonderland Key 10
Wonderland Precious Bone Box 1
Skin color - Brown 3
Skin color - Green 3
Skin color - Yellow 3
Skin color - Blue 3
Skin color - Pink 3

b) The Halloween Beauty Change Random Box may contain:

Item Quantity
Secret Wonderland Key 25
Wonderland Precious Bone Box 1
Hairdye Random Box 1 1
Hairdye Random Box 2 1
Hairstyle Random Box 1 1

-Hairdye Random Box 1 will give you either 3x Deep Blue, 3x Turquoise or 3x Red Tomato Hairdyes

-Hairdye Random Box 2 will give you either 3x Violet Hot, 3x Pink Love, 3x White Winter or 3x Red Wine Hairdyes

-Hairstyle Random Box 1 will give you either 3x Hairstyle A, 3x Hairstyle B, 3x Hairstlye C or 3x Hairstyle D


c) The Halloween KB random box may contain:


Item Quantity
Halloween Costume Random Box 1
Panda (56 days) 1
Mini Munster (56 days) 1



Mini Munster

Mini Munster? Mini Munster! 


d) The Halloween Cloak Random Box may contain:

Item  Quantity
Halloween Costume Random Box 1
Pumpkin Cloak (56 days) 1
Halloween Dracula Cloak Box (56 days) 1


female costume male costume


The female version of Halloween costume

The male version of Halloween costume



-Halloween Dracula Cloak Box will contain 1 Dracula Headpiece (56 days) and 1 Dracula Cloak (56 days)



e) The Halloween Pet & Cloak Random Box may contain:


Item Quantity
Halloween Pet & Dracula Cloak Box 1
Halloween Pet & Pumpkin Cloak Box 1


-Halloween Pet & Dracula Cloak Box may contain either 1x Mini Munster (365 days), 1x Dracula Headpiece (365 days) or 1x Dracula Cloak (365 days)

-Halloween Pet & Pumpkin Cloak Box may contain either 1x Mini Munster (365 days) or 1 Pumpkin Cloak (365 days)


Dracula Cloak Pumpkin Cloak
 Dracula Cloak


Pumpkin Cloak


Halloween costumes and a lootpet timed for 365 days? You’ll be a proud owner for a full year…until next Halloween!


But what about those bone fragments? You can also combine items from the Precious Bone Box to receive extra rewards!



Jacks Skull Jacks Rib Jacks Spine Jacks Arm Bone Jacks Pelvic Jacks Leg Bone
Jack's Skull Jack's Rib Jack's Spine 2x Jack's Arm Bone Jack's Pelvic Bone 2x Jack's Leg Bone



You'll receive either a Blessed Koala Enhanced Strike or Defense Dice (R1-R7, timed for 3 days), a 28 days timed Red Pumpkin or a 28 days timed Rainbow Pumpkin!


But that’s not at all!


After finishing the quests, go back to the vendor NPCs in the cities and receive 5x “Pumpkin Candy!” from each of them. The delicious sweet will restore 5.000 MP and HP! So if you visit all of the vendor NPCs after doing the quests (including the ones in the Hidden Village), you can bag 50 Pumpkin Candies each day!


Ain't that a celebration?!




The Rappelz Team wishes you a Happy Halloween and happy ghost hunting!

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