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Summer Ice Princess Event

"Ooohh ... It's sooo hot ... That can't be normal, I'm sure that's a sign of Hector's fury! Those young people! This is their fault! Listen to a wise man! Crazy, carefree youth ... “ sighed the old man, sitting down on a stub to rest.


"Oh, don't be so grumpy. It's summer! Or do you prefer rain, clouds and storms?" - Saranna shook her head, looking at her husband with disapproval. She built up the tent and took some bottles of ice water and recovery potions out of her pocket.


"Look! Even our Quilin is happy," she said, pointing to the huge beast that lay in the sun next to the tent.


"Here, drink this and feel your spirits return! And perhaps you could even change into some lighter clothes instead of whining all the time... wait, I have something for you that'll fit perfectly."


"What is that? A swimsuit?"

What about you? How well are you prepared for the summer? Something missing on your check list? Tent? Bathing suit? Iced drinks? Don't worry! Take part in our new event and get all the items you need for an epic summer!


August 13th to August 20th, mobs on the whole continent of Gaia will drop refreshing ice that will not only cool the tempers, but can also be exchanged for special boxes.


What do I need to do?


Kill the mobs and collect ice. In every major city there will be a new NPC, which will take all the ice you collected.




You have two exchange options:


You will receive a cooler for 20x ice 


You will receive an ice box for 50x ice 


What's in the boxes?


Great items are waiting for you!





(need 20 ice)


Ice box

(need 50 ice)

Pure White Lydian (3 Days) Phantom Quilin (28 days)
Large Quilted Bag M. Atk Granting TP Card Pack
Swimsuit Set (7 days) Swimsuit Set (28 days)
Rest Tent (7 days) Tent for a long rest (14 days)
Ice skates (7 days) Ice skates (14 days)
  20 x Milkshake  5x Ice
10x Ripen Red Tomato 30x Riped Red Tomato
2x Soul taming card [Basic] Soul taming card [Rare]
   Soul taming card [Special]




  • Coolers and ice boxes are valid for 28 days
  • Coolers and ice boxes can’t be traded, sold or stored
  • You will receive items from the boxes with the appropriate probability
  • The tomatoes will give you a bonus, lasting 1 hour

    1 tomato eaten: +2000 max HP and MP;

    2 tomatoes eaten: +3000 max HP and MP, +15 crit. at;

    3 tomatoes eaten: +4000 max HP and MP, +20 crit. at, +30 acc and m.acc;

    4 tomatoes eaten: +5000 max HP and MP, +25 crit. at, +40 acc and m.acc, +30 at. spd and;

    5 tomatoes eaten: +6000 max HP and MP, +30 crit. at, +15% crit.chance, +50 acc and m.acc, +40 at. spd and

  • The milkshake increases P. Atk and M. Atk by 50 for 10 minutes
  • Skates increase movement speed by 20
  • The swim set includes a bathing suit, flip-flops and stylish glasses
  • Swim set boxes disappear after 28 days. Contents of the swim set box from the cooler are valid for 7 days. Contents of the swim set box from the ice box are valid for 28 days


We wish you beautiful sunny days in Rappelz!


Your gPotato Team

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