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[EVENT] Schools out for summer? Not according to Questian!


Schools out! Summer holidays have already started, but Quiz King Questian asks you to join his ultimate test!


Do you remember King Questian, the Omniscient?


Questian has gathered almost infinite knowledge on his travels through Gaia and loves to brag about it! He thinks that no one will be able to answer all of his questions and is so sure about this, that he invites all players to participate in his quiz. If you manage to answer his questions correctly, he will hand over special rewards to you!


Talk to Quiz King Questian and show him how much you know about Rappelz and win great prizes!


The Quiz King will appear at random locations. If you have spotted him, speak to him to start the quiz. Answer the questions correctly and get a reward. Answer the questions wrong and ... well let’s say it is better if the answer is correct. The Quiz King is at a different location every 12 hours, you can participate in the quiz every 24 hours (1 time per day). Quiz King Questian will be on the continent from July 2nd (14:00 CET clock) to the  9th of July.


For each correct answer you will receive a lucky box. Here is a list of items you can find in the lucky boxes:


1) Up to 10 Stamina Savers
2) Up to 10 Animal Crackers
3) Up to 10 Lucky Potions
4) Up to 10 God Mother Fairy's Bottle


Good luck,

Your Rappelz team

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