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[EVENT]Fight the Darkness!


Update: The event got extended by one week

"H-H-Help me!" one of the patrolling guards of Horizon screamed, when a black vortex suddenly appeared right beneath him and devoured him. Warping him to another place, another world, another dimension... 


One guard tried to help him but got sucked into the void too and disappeared.


The horizon guard's commander contacted the outposts in Katan, Laksy, Rondo and all other villages. It seemed the black vortexes appear randomly everywhere and devour everything.


All cities' chiefs attended an assembly in Rondo to find a solution to this problem. During that meeting the high mages of Laksy discovered an ancient holy spell that stopped more black vortexes from appearing.


All this happened exactly 7 days ago. There was only one thing the high mages overlooked when they casted this spell upon Gaia: the spell just moves all vortexes to one place and fuses them together.

When the mages found out about this they panicked.


During a research Burakos found out that the black vortexes consist of concentrated darkness, which is slowly devouring whole Gaia. Darkness which can only be created from the bad in people's and monsters' hearts, and can only be summoned by a witch. But how can this be? There are no more witches on Gaia, or are there? 


Burakos discovered that we need to capture the good of all people's hearts. However, the good of all citizens' hearts is not enough. We also need the good of lots of monsters' hearts! "Monsters? Good?" you might think, but not all monsters are bad! Take the Ornithos and Lydians for example. Also, Pixies are kind-hearted. The same applies to monsters all around Gaia. We only see the monsters' shell, but what is inside, is different.

So, "what do we have to do, to get rid of the darkness?" you might ask. It's simple. Since the good of all monsters is hidden under their frightening and partly demonic shell, all you have to do is kill as many of them as you can. Some of the monsters will leave a Piece of Flame behind. If you collect more of them you can combine 3 to get 1 Flame of Light. Moreover, the newly hired Guard Harok will provide you with a Light Cubic Box that collects the good of all monsters automatically over time and can be opened every hour to obtain 1 Flame of Light. These flames, be it Pieces of Flame or a normal Flame of Light are required to cleanse Gaia and get rid of the darkness that devours everything. Harok and his brothers who are also named Harok, can be found in Rondo.






Light Cubic Box

Open every hour to obtain 1 Flame of Light.

Piece of Flame

Combine 3 to obtain 1 Flame of Light.


Use to regenerate HP & MP.


Flame of Light

Visit NPC Harok in Rondo and trade-in your collected Flames of Light to be able to select your reward.





If all players manage to turn-in at least 11000 Flames of Light during the event, we will reward all servers with a full weekend with great buffs! So make sure to tell your friends to login and help you and all other players freeing Gaia from the darkness! 


Moreover you can trade-in your Flames of Light for 4 different boxes at the NPC Harok!



Lucky Box 1

10 Flames of Light

 10x HP Potion


10x MP Potion


5x Scroll of Creature Taming 

Lucky Box 2

30 Flames of Light

 20x HP Potion


20x MP Potion


10x Scroll of Taming (28 days)


1x Blessing for all (Random, 28 days)


1x Deva's Blessing (28 days)


Lucky Box 3

50 Flames of Light

 1x Phantom Mount (Random, 28 days)


1x Dragon Mount (Random, 28 days)

Lucky Box 4

90 Flames of Light

1x Cocoon of Butterfly Wings (28 days)


1x Ancient Pride Wings (28 days)


1x Lucky Box - Boss Lootpet (30 days)


1x piece of Clothes of Recklessness Rider (28 days)


1x eRepair Powder (3 days)


1x Tent (90 days)


Gear up, grab your friends and collect the Light to cleanse Gaia from the approaching darkness!

You only have 2 weeks time - starting now! (until 07/02/2013)


CAUTION: It is not possible to select a box. If you decide to donate your flames, all the flames will be removed from your inventory and you will receive the appropriate box. If you donate for example at least 90 flames of light, you will receive Lucky Box no. 4 and all flames in your inventory will be removed. Say you have 200 flames in your inventory you will receive Lucky Box no. 4 and lose all 200 flames. (Yes, Harok is quite greedy)


We wish you lots of fun and best of luck!

Your gPotato Team

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