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Invitation To All Top Fighters! (Bonus Event)


Epic 8 Launch Event - Bonus Event


Duration: 11/21 ~ 12/04 (PST)


1) Use Battle Arena to earn AP Points

2) Collect AP Points to purchase new boss pet cards & deco items.

3) Collect as many AP Points as you can!

4) At the end of 12/04, GMs will calculate who earned most AP points over the course of 2 weeks from each server!


In Rappelz, we know how to throw a party. To welcome the new Epic, we are introducing a bonus event which will last for 2 weeks. As our Bonus Event, players will use the Battle Arena to put their PVP skills to the test. At the same time, players will earn AP points. For 2 weeks, players will fight each other to prove who is truly the best at PVP and also earn as many AP points as they can! At the end of 2 weeks, GMs will see who earned the most AP points in each server. Top 5 players with most AP points in each server will receive following prize! 


1st Place: 5,000-gPotato

2nd Place: 3,000-gPotato

3rd Place: 2,000-gPotato

4th & 5th Place: 1,000-gPotato


Level up. Tame new bosses. Test your skill at the battle arena!

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