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[Sale] Belt Kits, Yushiva Stones, and Emblems!




Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that following offers have been just added to the Item Shop:







- Enhance Belt Kit - 50% off!

- Enhance Belt Kit x2 - 70% off!     

- Riley's Kit - 81% off!

- Identity change bundle - Now also includes Gender Change Potion!
- Lucky Box - Belt of Souls 

- Special Health Potion

- Special Health Potion x5

- Special Mana Potion

- Special Mana Potion x5

- Bag of Pure Energy Sources
- Yushiva Belt Extractor 
- Yushiva Stone : Angel 
- Yushiva Stone : Mortal 
- Yushiva Stone : Devil 
- Yushiva Stone : Undead 
- Yushiva Stone : Beast 
- Yushiva Stone : Ain
- Yushiva Stone : Mecca 
- Yushiva Stone : Dragon 
- Yushiva Stone : Antique






The Emblem Lucky Box will give you one of the thirteen Emblems at random.


Not only will you have a chance to grab one of these beautiful emblems to decorate your name, as any Warrior of your rank should, but you'll also have the opportunity to get a new one if you think it's time to redecorate!


That's not all: the emblems are cool, yes, but they are also a strong addition to any Warrior Set on the road to success!

From now on, you can enhance your emblem and get additional random stats, the same way you could do for accessories, by using a green awakening stone. 




Getting stronger? Yes, but with style! Don't miss out!


Identity change bundle - contains the following items:

- 1x Character Name Change
- 1x Creature Name Change
- 1x Decorative Pet Name Change

- 1x Gender Change Potion

Lucky Box - Belt of Souls - contains one of the following items:

1x Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit
2x Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit
3x Advanced Soul Catalyst
6x Advanced Soul Catalyst
3x Stamina Saver
10x Energy of gold
15x Energy of gold
1x Riley's Kit


The offer is valid until the 10th July.

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Kind regards,

your WEBZEN Team

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