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Necromancer's Cemetery

"The gates of the Wonderland have been opened and while the valiant warriors are containing the invasion, the elite of Gaïa are being selected to strike the Necromancers in their homeland. Only the bravest will have a chance to fight on this cursed land and give Gaïa one last hope of survival."

From today until November 12th, players will have a chance to purchase the Necromancer's Cemetery Conscript Pass in the cash shop.


With this document, talk to the Necromancer NPC and she will teleport you to the Necromancer's Cemetery. This cursed land is populated by horrible zombies, and if you kill all of them a boss will appear in the graveyard at the southeast of the map:



This instanced dungeon will be populated with monsters of different level ranges depending on the level of your character (just like the Vulcanus dungeon).





Monsters will drop the same items as those from the Halloween Wonderland dungeon but with a much higher drop rate since they are in limited number.


The safety of Gaïa depends on you.

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