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The Necromancer Uprising Part 2: Halloween Wonderland dungeon


"Cursed are those who mindlessly seek powers without considering the consequences.


Since the Necromancer Uprising, adventurers have been greedily feeding these shadowy outcasts with monsters' souls in exchange for dark powers. But now the spell is finally ready! The Necromancers have enough souls to complete the ritual, and they can open the gates of the Halloween Wonderland!


Citizens of Gaïa, the world of the living is in great danger. Keep the enemy at bay and travel to this chaotic land of nightmares to fight those abominations!"


Dear Players,


Gala and Webzen are proud to announce that the second part of the Necromancer Uprising event will go live today after the maintenance and will run until November 12th.


For this event, we will reintroduce the Halloween Wonderland dungeon!




This non-instanced dungeon will have two versions: one for players from level 20 to 169 (monsters from level 20 to 180), and one for players at level 170 and above (monsters from level 180 to 215). It will be accessible from any Necromancer NPC.


Here is the map of the dungeon:



In this dungeon, monsters will drop directly all the items obtainable from the Necromancer NPCs. But that's not all! The great Halloween deco can also be dropped in this dungeon:



Remember that you can enhance these outfits with a Philosopher's Scroll in order to get a range of different stats. However, they're not all guaranteed! You're able to get Physical Attack or Magical Attack, Attack Speed or Cast Speed, Evasion or M. Res, and even Crit Power!


To prevent the dungeon from being overcrowded, we decided to limit the Wonderland dungeon entries to once per day for 1 hour maximum.


But fear not, once the time is up you will still be able to farm the event normally. Alternatively, we are also suggesting that players enter the Necromancer Cemetery.


Good luck on your journey to the Wonderland, and happy Halloween!


Your Rappelz team

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