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Necromancer Uprising

Have you smelled this? The adepts of the Necromancer Guild have recently emerged from their catacombs, bringing with them the stench of the dead. Hungry for souls, they are ready to sell you anything to get some, and they'll even share a bit of their dark power. These outcasts mightn't look like much, but do not underestimate their powers or you might be cursed for eternity.

Event Period: October 15th until November 11th 2019

Kill monsters and you might be able to harvest their souls! If you are successful in doing so, you will find an "Harvested Monster Soul".

If you trade these to any of the Necromancer Guild NPCs, who can be found in Horizon, Katan, Laksy, Rondo or City of Ruins, you will be able to get powerful buffs or mysterious artifacts.

Give 1 Harvested Monster Souls to any of the NPCs to randomly get one of the following rewards:

Pumpkin Candy
Halloween Candy
Halloween Cookie
Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Candy Pack
Halloween Cookie Pack
Spooky Stamina Saver
Cursed Animal Cracker
Unholy Potion
Frankenstein's Bottle
Ultimate Witch Boss Card
Halloween Monkey Hat (365 Days)
Halloween Gentleman Top Hat (365 Days)
Pumpkin Head (365 Days)
Halloween Mantle (365 Days)
Halloween Face Mask (365 Days)
Rainbow Pumpkin Loot Pet (28 Days)
Red Pumpkin Loot Pet (28 Days)
Mini Munster (28 Days)
Zombie Nail
Necromancer's Crystal of Strength*
Necromancer's Crystal of Vitality*
Necromancer's Crystal of Agility*
Necromancer's Crystal of Dexterity*
Necromancer's Crystal of Intelligence*
Necromancer's Crystal of Wisdom*
Purified Pieces**
Altered Pieces**

*New potion which will give 66.6 to the stat.

**All pieces do not stack with cash shop pieces and are weaker than the enhanced versions.

This year pumpkin candy, halloween candy, halloween Cookie, halloween candy pack and halloween cookie pack will be storable.

Trade 2 of the Harvested Monster Souls and feel the power of the Necromancer Guild. They'll buff you and your pet with +66 Dark Field. You will see that Necromancers have a soft spot for Overlord characters.

Insult the Necromancer - Wow... why would you do this? Shame on you!

As you connect you will also benefit from a permanent buff which starts at 0.5% to all stats, this buff will grow stronger as people on the server trade more harvested soul to the NPC. The buff can reach up to 20% to all basic stats if more than 3000 souls are traded. It will reset each day, back to 0.5% at 7AM UTC.

We wish you a great time on Rappelz.

Your Rappelz team.

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