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New bug report procedure



 Dear Players,

 After carefully pondering the situation, we realized that if we wanted   the community to make more-detailed bug reports, we needed to make   it easier for you to do so.






To achieve that goal, the Rappelz team has decided to change the bug report procedure with the following improvements:

- If done properly, we now receive bug reports from the Discord and the customer support in addition to the forum.
- We will provide a special template that you just have to complete to report a bug.
- We will open a Bug Roadmap forum topic which will list all ongoing bugs and their current state.

Bug Report Official Template


Here is the template you will have to use to report a bug, this template will be available from the forum and the Discord:

[Add here a description of the issue. You can add as much information as possible: when it happens, how, monster name, skill name, item name and so on.]

Repro Steps:
[Add here all the steps a player should follow to reproduce the issue.


For example:
1) Start the game
2) Go to Trainee Island/Flaris
3) Talk to the Guide NPC and obtain the quest
4) Kill the first target of the quest
5) Notice the issue (the quest counter stays the same)]

[Add here screenshots or a link to a video displaying all the repro steps. (Video mandatory if the bug is hard or complicated to reproduce)]


We recommend Snipping Tool for screenshots, available on all Windows computers, and Screen Recorder for a video. You can upload your video on a platform such as YouTube.


Bug reports which don't have these 3 key points will not be accepted, so please to try to include all the specified information.

Bug Reports Via Customer Support

Using the template above, you can send your bug report to our customer support. If your bug can be exploited by another player, we ask that you report it to customer support only.

Bug Reports Via Discord

A special #Bug-report channel has been added to each Discord server. This channel will contain ONLY bug reports using our template. Any discussion about bugs should be done on the #help or #general channels.

Bug Roadmap Topic

At any time, you will be able to check the state of different bugs via the forum's bug report section. Each bug properly reported by the community will be listed with the following tags:


  • [New] This bug is newly reported by the community and has not yet been tested by our QA team.
  • [Unconfirmed] Our QA team has not been able to reproduce the bug so it cannot be confirmed. Please provide more information.
  • [Reported] The QA team has been able to confirm the bug and it has been reported to Gala's developers.
  • [Fixed] Gala's developers have provided a fix for this issue and it has been applied to the servers.
This roadmap will let you know which bugs have already been reported, so please consult this list before reporting a bug


We hope that these measures will help increase the number of quality reports, make things more convenient for you and make the entire process more transparent.


Thank you so much for helping us make Rappelz a better game.


Your Rappelz team

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