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Betrayal and Undine Server Merge!

Dear Players,




We would like to take this opportunity to announce our plans to merge the two US PvP servers, Betrayal and Undine, many of you have been asking for this.


 We hope that the increased population on the new server will improve your gaming experience and allow you to make new friendships, or foes...



We will suspend all transfers between these two servers until the merge is complete and issue back Character Transfer Scrolls that have been used between these two servers since 7th August 2018. These will be returned once the merge has taken place.


In the run up to the merge, we would like to continue the following traditions:


  • You choose and vote on the server name.
  • You choose and vote on the server slogan.
  • You create the server banner.
All information for the above points will be explained in more detail when posted on the forums.


 We're aiming to have this completed during the maintenance of 2nd October. However, this is dependant on our internal testing to ensure no issues will arise.


Whilst the next maintenance is completed on 18th September, we shall have another maintenance the following week. This will allow for Character Transfers to be completed for those of you who would like to move to or from a PvP server and didn't have chance to obtain a Character Transfer Scroll for next maintenance. No transfers shall take place on 2nd October!


We shall share an FAQ soon.


Kind regards, 

your Rappelz Team

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