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Perfect Weapon Enhancement Transfer Scroll

This new Epic, 9.4, brings with it a lot of new items. One of these is the all important Perfect Weapon Enhancement Transfer Scroll.
Have you ever struggled to give up your old favorite weapon with near-perfect stats, to switch to a new brand new weapon which has reached perfection or has a higher potential? Stuggle no more! This will not be a problem any longer!
This new Scroll allows you to effectively transfer the enchantment and level of a rank 7 weapon, with a success rate of 100%.
Only non-upgraded items, +0, can be used as target material to transfer an enchantment into.


The enhancement and level of the material item will be transferred to the target item.

All material items will be destroyed after success.

Pretty cool right?

However, to get your hands on this scroll it is not as easy as killing Blue Whistles on a Sunday morning!

The release of the new Epic gives you different opportunities however to get it.

  • The 10 players who spend the most Wcoin in the item shop between 27/09 and 07/11 will receive a scroll.
  • Wcoin Drop Event: 5 players from each region (US, EU, FR, DE,) participating in the event will receive the scroll (see the announcement of the event).
  • Starting today, you have a chance to get the Perfect Weapon Enhancement Transfer Scroll  every time you buy one of the offers containing an Ancient Strike or Defense Cube.
  • The first player to reach level 190 of each region (US, EU, FR, DE) will receive the Perfect Weapon Enhancement Transfer Scroll, together with other rewards.

This item will be particularly interesting with the introduction of new weapons in Epic 9.4. So you now know what you have to do to get it!


See you in game!
Your Rappelz Team.

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