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Prepare for the Ultimate Experience - Join the Rappelz Hardcore Server!

Dear players,


You might have heard stories or seen pictures - fragments and shared memories of a legendary Rappelz server that once was. A server that brought PvP in your favourite game to the next level. The horror of getting killed, the glory of triumph, spiced up with the constant fear of losing your most valuable items.


We are bringing HARDCORE back!


Soon we’ll open a new international Rappelz hardcore server that will be as fiery as Vulcanus, as devilish as Primal Scream, and as wild as Draka!


To give you a better idea, let us explain the mechanics of the new server in 7 steps:


  1. If you get killed by monsters you lose experience. No surprise here.
  2. If you get killed by players you lose experience. Whoa, that’s new!
  3. If you get killed by players there is a chance that you will drop a non cash shop item. Yes, your gear is at stake!
  4. When you die and you have a lot of immorality points, you have an increased chance to drop an item.
  5. If you have PK mode on when you die, there is an increased chance to drop an item and lose experience.
  6. If you have PK mode off when you die, there is a decreased chance to drop an item and lose experience.
  7. If you have PK mode off when you die, and your killer is over 10 levels above you, then you will not drop any items.


Easy and exciting at the same time, isn’t it?! But there’s more:



A system called the “Lak Guard” - your new best friend!


  1. The Lak Guard System exists to help reduce the experience loss and item drop rate incurred when you die.
  2. The amount of Lak required is based on your level. The higher your level, the more Lak required.
  3. The more immorality points you have, the more Lak that’s required.
  4. The level difference between you and your killer affects the amount of Lak required.
  5. If you have enough Lak, then your experience loss can be reduced by up to 100%, and your item drop rate reduced by up to 50%.
  6. If you’re killed by a monster, all of the Lak from the Lak Guard disappears.
  7. If you’re killed by a player, then your killer gains 75% of the Lak, and 25% disappears.


Apart from that, your beloved Rappelz will be the same as you’ve always known it - all the amenities of Epic 9.2 are included. So even if you played on the legendary “Pantera” server back in the day - this will be a completely new experience for you!


Decide the name of the future server!



  • Only one participation per account is allowed.
  • The name must be a pet's name (White Dragon), or one of its evolution names (Bahamut).
  • Any participation that does not comply with these rules will be removed.


Now, start adding your suggestions in the forum thread here, and let us know what name you would like to see on the server selection screen!



We can’t wait to see you on the new server! We still have quite a bit of work to do to make this happen, so we can’t provide any specific dates at the moment. We promise though: We'll update you soon!



Stay hardcore, 

Your Rappelz team!


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