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Sales Update - 06/09/2015 - Heart of Homunculus, Rebirth Scroll and more!

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that the following offers have just been added to our Item Shop:


Lucky Box - Shamrock

Heart of Homunculus - 30% off!

Rebirth Scroll - 30% off!


The Shamrock Lucky Box contains ONE of the following items:

1x Scroll of Rebirth

4x Potion of Growth

3x God Mother Fairy Bottle

1x Heart of Homonculus

5x Feather of Union

5x Feather of Teleportation

1x One Teardrop


Heart of Homunculus:

When used through the job supporter NPC, the Heart of Homonculus will allow you to change the race of your character. When the character race is changed, all Skills and/or Spells will also be unlearned (all JP will be returned). And The Characters Job level will revert to Basic Job Level.


Scroll of Rebirth: 

When used, the scroll will return all Job Points used to increase Job Levels as well as learn Skills and/or Spells. 


The offer is valid until 06/12/2015.


Enjoy the game,
Your WEBZEN Team 

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