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Sales Update - 08/26/2014 - Massive Ancient Defense Cubes Sale + E-Protect, Hammers and Keys!

Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that the following offers have been just added to the Item Shop:

This offer is valid until 08/29/2014:

- [VI] Ancient Defense Cubes 5&5 - Special II - Discount!!!
- [VII] Ancient Defense Cubes 5&5 - Special II - Discount!!!
- Lucky Box - ePro
- ePro x20 and Creature Box*
- ePro x40 & Golden Monarch Box**
- Master's hammer special x1
- Master's hammer special x5

Lucky Box - Clay Key of Sharpness


Ancient Defense Cubes 5&5 - Special II - The offer contains 5x Ancient Elements Defense and 5x Defense Cubes of the respective Rank. However, you'll also have a chance to receive up to 5 additional Ancient Elements or a free E-Repair! (Combine Defense Cube and Ancient Elements to receive a Ancient Defense Cube which has a 30% greater chance of success than a normal Defense Cube)

Lucky Box - ePro- The Lucky Box - ePro will give you ONE of the following items:
- 1x E-Protect Powder
- 5x E-Protect Powder
- 10x E-Protect Powder
- 20x E-Protect Powder

E-Protects prevent your precious gear from breaking due to a failed enchantment! To use, place an E-Protect in the combination window together with the other materials. NOTE: E-Protects are consumed regardless if the enchantment is successful or not.


Masters Hammer
Fully recovers the durability of a completely broken ethereal item. The Masters Hammer will be consumed.


The Lucky Box - Clay Key of Sharpness contains ONE of the following:

- 3x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 4x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 5x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 6x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 7x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 8x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 9x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 10x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 20x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 30x Clay Key of Sharpness

- 100x Clay Key of Sharpness


Clay Key of Sharpness unlock the Relic box of sharpness!


Creature Box* - Contains one of the following items:
Creature Resurrection Scroll
Creature Name Change
The Whip (7days)
The Carrot (7days)
Creature Taming Card +1
Creature Card box

Golden Monarch Box** - Contains one of the following items
Empty Creature Card (Genie, Naga, Octopus)
Feather-Set (4x 30 Feathers)
30x Fairy's Bottle
Cow Costume (permanent)
Easter Ring (60 days)
30x Lucky Potion

Remember, this offer is only valid until 08/29/2014!


Kind regards,

your WEBZEN Team

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